Sawyer Howitt is an upcoming entrepreneur, visionary, philanthropist and the Project manager of Meriwether group.

Sawyer started working in the business world from a very young age. Although he is just a university student, he still has some brilliant business ideas that most adults would take a lifetime to come up with. The racquetball player is passionate about several issues that matter in any emerging business. These include customer care, branding, and giving back to the community.

Despite his young age, he still finds time to juggle work, university, playing racquetball for Portland Trailblazers, contributing to charities and running mentorship programs for women and youth. Sawyer unwinds by going fishing. The Lincoln High School graduate holds the opinion that launching a startup these days is quite easy. Some of the facts that facilitate this include; easy access to a small business loan. The fact that you can also get a small workplace with a short-term lease or combine your living and work space to save money has also made setting up a business easier.

Apart from the fact that you have to consider some vital points before you select a location for your business, you also have to look at crucial demographics in key American cities. The young entrepreneur has some cities in mind that will ensure that any business that millennial starts will be successful. These cities include:

⦁ Salt Lake City, Utah

⦁ San Francisco, California

⦁ Palo Alto, California

⦁ Austin, Texas

⦁ Denver, Colorado

⦁ Minneapolis, Minnesota

⦁ Santa Monica, California

⦁ Yorba Linda, California


Sawyer Howitt started working as the project manager of Meriwether group this year in January. His main role in this company is to advise the company on the different business strategies they can employ to develop it further. Previously the 17-year-old was working for RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst.

Sawyer Howitt attends the University of California, Berkeley and he hopes to graduate with a Consumer Economics degree in 2021. He is also very passionate about philanthropy and he has had the opportunity of taking part in various activities that fuel his positive causes. When he was in high school, Sawyer Howitt volunteered as a PSAS tutor and he specialized in tutoring Maths and Science.

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Every Business Needs Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, the proud founder of Talk Fusion, recently explained why every business needs to use Talk Fusion software. Bob gave this explanation in Tampa Bay on a morning television broadcast. Bob directly went into how the Talk Fusion software allows business owners to make videos of their products and send them to clients and potential clients. He also gave relief telling the audience and viewers that the Talk Fusion software comes with complete and easy instructions. These instructions will tell a business owner how to create videos, add voices and music to them, and send them out through email.


By name, Bob Reina discussed several businesses that have been using Talk Fusion for some time now, and all of these businesses either doubled or tripled in customers. Bob explained this is the science of people seeing the product in action rather than just reading about it. Bob also explained how one email will do the trick. Regardless of how long the video is, the Talk Fusion software will be able to condense the file so it can be sent directly to an email address without ever having to use a web cloud service. Learn more:


Talk Fusion got its start almost 15 years ago. Bob Reina wanted to reach out to his older family members better through email, and he wanted to do this by using videos. This was a disaster because his family members were not able to open the email majority of the time due to the file being too big. Moreover, Bob’s elderly family members did not have adequate knowledge in web-cloud applications. This pushed Bob Reina to build a platform where videos can be sent through email with no hassle in opening the file. Luckily, Bob was able to find over two dozen people who shared and even invested in his vision.


Accomplishments Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil. He is the fourth president of Bradesco, the second largest private bank which has been in existence for over 60 years. He was born in Marilia and studied Philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo. He strongly identifies with Bradesco’s culture because of his vast experience in marketing and private pension. Before his appointment as president, he held the insurers’ chairmanship of the group since 2003. The previous three presidents were Cypriano, Amar Aguiar who was the founder, and Lazaro Brandao who is the chairman of the current board.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been in Bradesco for more than four decades. In 1969 at the age of 18, he began working as a clerk at Bradesco. In 1984 he was appointed the department director In 1998, he was the managing executive director and at the age of 47, he was promoted to executive vice president. This was when his work became highly recognized. Market shares moved from 23% to 25% and bank profits from insurers’ contributions moved from 26% to 35%. He received a trophy in 2003 as President of Bradesco Insurance and Pension group. In addition to this, in 2007, he received another trophy as Insurance Personality of the year for his good management. During the six years period of his management, the company doubled from $32billion in 2003 to $78 billion in 2008. He maintained this position until he was chosen as the president, as his vast experience of more than four decades earned him the presidency. He replaced Marcio Cyprian who left because Bradesco does not allow presidents aged over 65.


As the CEO of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco designed a strategy that would improve the company’s performance by reducing rates to attract more customers by opening 211 branches. Brazilians economic growth and stability are areas that look promising for the insurance market, which is important for social welfare maintenance. The 56year old CEO has evolved the company since his administration. He commands 40% of Bradesco’s results by collaborating large part of insurance market development.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has increased social networking. In four years, the institution moved from 3,500 to 5,000 agencies by following information about Brazilian social mobility. He expects that by 2025, 100 million people will join the consumer market through their agencies. The CEO is known to give attention to basic and traditional banking practices. He acknowledges the challenge of any financial institution is getting to know customers values, desires, and interests closely.

Very few executives are prominent in Brazilian economic life as President of a big institution like Bradesco. Professionals have to undergo credit operation and handle huge financial projects for the growth of the economy. Their opinions are followed keenly by political leaders and large businesses; this is why they appear on pages of newspapers and magazines. Unlike most bank executives, Luiz Carlos Trabuco does not have extravagant lifestyle despite his compensation package including wages estimated to be $ 1million. Leadership in the market has to be maintained, and this has always been honored at Bradesco. Bradesco is $150 billion behind Utau Unibanco, its main competitor. Acquiring small banks would help in narrowing this gap, and with the scarcity of acquisition opportunities, this proves to be a challenge.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just click here.

A Review Of Glen Wakeman’s Career

Glen is a revered executive. He has extensive experience in management given that he worked for GE in P&L and business development roles for 21 years. At GE Capital, Glen offered leadership in operations management, business development and general management. In his last role at the company, Wakeman served as the chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America. In this position, Glen Wakeman managed to build nine successful country operations from scratch. These operations exceeded $2 billion in revenues with a workforce of 17,000 employees. His passion is anchored on building businesses by enhancing individual and company agility.

Glen Wakeman serves as the president of Nova Four, a successful business accelerator that seeks to offer strategic advice and capital to developing companies. Over the years, Wakeman has been working with early stage entrepreneurs through (LPTK), his start up. LPTK has been using a SAAS website to offer innovative online business planning services. In addition, the corporation has been utilizing digital marketing strategies to reach its clients.

Previously, Glen Wakeman served as the chief executive officer of Doral Financial Corporation (NewsSky). He was also the chairperson of Doral Bank, a renowned financial institution that engages in commercial, mortgage and retail banking, insurance agency operations and provision of institutional services. Wakeman played an instrumental role of recapitalizing, turning around and transforming Doral Financial Corporation from a mono-line, inefficient and non-compliant bank holding company into a successful community bank. From their Puerto Rico headquarters, they managed to establish a stand-alone US operation worth $2.7 billion. Owing to Glen Wakeman’s visionary leadership and passion for corporate social responsibility, he managed to receive international national and local awards.

Glen Wakeman holds an MBA from the revered University of Chicago ( In addition, he graduated with a BS in economics and finance from the esteemed University of Scranton. Notably, the executive is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Glen Wakeman recommends people to read Sun Tzu’s book, “The Art of War.” He contends that the timeless classic is one of the best books that talks about strategy. Glen Wakeman says that the book teaches people about different lessons regarding teamwork, discipline, and preparation. Glen states that he uses different applications to save time and money. These apps include Live chat, Doodle and Fiverr.


The Mindframe of Nathaniel Ru

Many people are going to take a look at what Nathaniel Ru has been doing for the healthy food industry. He is someone that has really taking the world by storm with his Sweetgreen restaurant franchise. There is no doubt that he will become one of the major players in the alternative fast food industry because he has solidified himself as a powerful force in the area of eating healthy. Learn more:


Many people are becoming accustomed to eating healthier because they have access to a better restaurant like Sweetgreen. This is definitely something that has been in the works for a long time, but Nathaniel Ru has finally put together a great way to keep people interested in what he is doing with this healthy food alternative.


The biggest challenge that Nathaniel faced in his early conception of Sweetgreen was the effort to bring fresh vegetables into the establishment. He had to put the building in a place where he will be within close facility of a farmer. This would give him the chance to bring the fresh fruits and vegetables that he was visualizing for Sweetgreen. On the back end there was also a decision that had to be made in terms of pricing. He knew that he would be paying more then his other leaders in fast food for the vegetables that he was up painting. He realized that in order to get fresh food into the restaurant that there would definitely be a higher price scale in place. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru has been able to become very successful in the business world because he has become aware of what consumers are looking for. He wanted to bring healthy food choices to the mainstream, but he also wanted to make it affordable for anyone that was planning to eat healthy. This is what he has managed to do with the meals that are presented through the various Sweetgreen restaurant franchises. Many of the meals are not much more than the options that exist on other fast food menus. It has taken this type of new mindframe to build up a very different restaurant that puts healthy eating first.


Nathaniel Ru has definitely been someone that has transformed the fast food industry. He has not brought the Sweetgreen establishments to every neck of the woods just yet, but there definitely is potential for this. all me a alternative to fast food. Learn more here:


Alfonso de Angoitia Sees Grupo Televisa Grow

Alfonso de Angoitia is the Director and the Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa S.A. which is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. Angoitia has also sat on the Board of Televisa since April 1997, and Angoitia is also an Independent member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Modelo SAB de CV and has also been named to the Financial Committee for the company as well.

Before taking over as the Executive VP of Grupo Televisa SA Angoitia was the CFO of the company from 1999-2003, Prior to joining the Grupo Televisa SA company, Angoitia worked at White & Case LLP in New York City and then became a founding partner in the Mijares company. Angoitia also worked as the personal lawyer for the last CEFO of the Groupo Televisa SA in Emilio Azcarraga, and after the death of Azcarraga’s father, Angoitia was able to work with him to restructure and refinance the entire company to help it move forward from that point.

Alfonso de Angoitia is considered to be the mastermind behind the entire Grupo Televisa SA and its original CEO Emilio Azcarraga. Angoitia is also considered a key in putting together a $1.2 billion deal that helped Univision and Televisa which greatly improved the Televisa access to the entire Spanish-speaking market that exists in the United States. Angoitia also regularly attends the prestigious Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference summit every year in Idaho where a gathering of the world’s top businessmen, political minds, philanthropic workers, and cultural heavyweights come together to meet and learn about the latest happenings in the world.

Alfonso de Angoitia was educated at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) where he received a degree in law. Having served as the Executive VP of Grupo Televisa SA since 1997. His company regularly has broadcasting on Channels 2, 4, 5, and 9 and many of the broadcasts are put on TV in prime time offering the company more exposure to the top audiences in the Spanish-speaking world. Many of these channels are pay-per-view as well so the more people that they have watching it the more profitable the Grupo Televisa SA will make from each channel.

Orange Coast College Shows Strong Athletic Teams

The Orange Coast College is boasting some very impressive teams when it comes to the men’s crew team. The Orange Coast Pirates have become quite impressive this year with wins in the Newport Regatta. The Pirates have also managed to pull out a win on the UCLA Bruins. This is has made a lot of people that are into athletics pay attention to what the Orange Coast College Pirate Athletics are doing.


There are a lot of students that are attending the Orange Coast College that are part of the athletic program. The men are not the only crew team that are giving spectators something to talk about. On the Orange Coast there are also quite a few women in sports that are doing some newsworthy things. The women’s crew for the Orange Coast is quite athletic as well. These ladies have been giving people a lot to talk about because they have claimed the Collins Cup this year. This has been the fifth year in the row that the women have been able to claim this Collins Cup. They have been able to claim this trophy for the 5th time around because of the atheism of team members like Ashely DeClerck and Sophie Blair. They have been able to provide the team with a win in a close race.


This team has been able take the second place for the San Diego Crew Classic. This team has been able to do some astounding things again this year because many of these women are the same team members from last year. This buzz has managed to grow about the Orange Coast Pirates because this team is exciting in a lot of different sports.


The women’s tennis team has won the CCCAA State Championships. The men’s volleyball team has also won the seventh state championship. Sports is a big thing for Orange Coast College. More than 25,000 students attend this college, and it has become one of the largest community colleges in the United States. Many people are drawn to this large campus that has a lot of fields of study.


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Aloha Construction Sets a Restoration and Interior Remodeling Team

When they opened their doors, Aloha Construction made a promise to their clients to build quality homes through an interior restoration service that was announced in May 2017. True to their word, by April this year, the company had helped many home owners deal with dangerous and stream storms and hails in Northern Illinois. Over the time the company has been in service, it has realized positive growth serving Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Also, Aloha construction has a website that allows clients to get assistance with only a click.


Aloha Builds Network


According to Aloha Construction CEO and President, David A. Farbaky, the company completed 7,000 projects in 2013, an achievement that delighted them. That figure was to increase in 2015 when they completed 20,000 projects in South Illinois. He continued to say that this year the company is focusing on Midwest area.


Further, he stated the company’s desire to help people feel secure in their homes and also announced a new branch Aloha Builds network. This branch will focus its services on natural disaster aid and cleanup, interior restoration, water extraction, and remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, and basement.


He also mentioned that Aloha Construction offered these services in passing since their opening in 2008. After offering the services for years, they have accumulated enough expertise and hence confident about setting a standalone team of experts to handle the area.


About Aloha Construction Inc.


The family-owned and bonded and insured by General Contractors, Aloha Construction provides services in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company deals with roofing for any roof that you may have in your home, siding for vinyl, Hardee board, face brick, aluminum, and fiber cement repair and replacement. You can also call the company if you need help with your gutters.


Among the area that Aloha Construction Inc. serves include Lake Zurich, Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Lake Villa, Hoffman Estate, Washington, and Bloomington among other surrounding areas


Eva Moskowitz Becomes Pioneer for New York Education

With education being an important issue in today’s society, many people are stepping up to make sure children receive a proper education. One of the pioneers for education is Eva Moskowitz. The New York native’s quest for a good education began early in her childhood. Moskowitz became fed up with the lack of direction from the teachers and how the school functioned in their methods, thus began her quest to improve the education aspect of society.


After graduating from John Hopkins University, Eva Moskowitz began a teaching career by landing a position at the University of Virginia. Her tenure at UVA lasted only a year, it jumpstarted Moskowitz’s long career in education.


Throughout her career, Eva Moskowtiz held teaching positions at acclaimed colleges such as Vanderbilt University, City University of New York, and Columbia University. But it wasn’t until 1999 when Eva Moskowitz’s career took a slight change when she was appointed an education committee chair member for The New York City Council. During her six years on The Council, Eva Moskowitz began her advocacy to improve the city’s schools. One of the main issues she brought up was the lace of experienced teachers in the school system, which was applauded by many of her supporters.


Following her departure from The Council, Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy Charter Schools. With experienced teachers and exceptional curriculums, the school’s mission is to help provide a high-quality education for students of all ages. Ten years after its creation, Success Academy has opened schools in other locations and enrolled thousands of students seeking to learn more in academics.


Thanks to Eva Moskowitz’s passion, parents and children in the New York area can count on receiving a proper education.

Securus Technologies Is Making Summer Less Stressful

It is true that people experience stress during the wintertime. However, stress is a lot more evident in the summertime. This is due to the blazing temperatures that absorb our communities. It should be no surprise that prison inmates feel this stress 10 times worse than people on the outside.


Due to this, Securus Technologies is helping with this stress. They are doing this via their technology and also their hospitality. When it comes to their technology, they have made it easy for inmates to connect with their family members on a variety of levels. The new video-chat service offered by Securus makes sure a visit is never lost. Additionally, their new commissary technology allows family members to deposit funds into commissary accounts right from their own home. This alone is keeping the stress level down among millions of inmates and their family members.


Securus Technologies is even making headlines as it pertains to home plans for inmates granted permission to serve their sentence outside of prison walls. Before Securus, inmates were not able to call out of the state or country. Inmates were also not allowed to call cellphones because there was no way to track the location of the cellphone. Securus Technologies has made this all possible. This means inmates can connect with more family members and friends, which means they have a better chance at receiving a home plan.


Even children as young as 10 years old have left reviews on Securus’ website. These children thank Securus Technologies for allowing them to speak to their parents or another relative on days like Christmas. Other people have left reviews commenting on the great customer support provided by Securus at no extra charge. Securus must update its review page every hour. That is how many positive reviews get posted on their website on a daily basis.