US Money Reserve to Hold Emergency Gold Conference

In July of 2017, US Money Reserve announced that it would hold an emergency meeting that would entail a discussion about the current state of gold. It was going to hold the Emergency Gold Conference in Austin, Texas under the direction of the US Money Reserve President Philip, N. Diehl. During this conference, the organization will discuss a number of issues such as global terrorism, the national debt crisis, cyber attacks and also the stability of current world leadership. The conference would also talk about the effects of the most recent financial crisis as well.


As well as talking about the uncertainty of the world economy, US Money Reserve will also reveal the latest report on gold. With the release of the US Gold Report, citizens will be informed on the reasons why they should invest in gold and how it will benefit them. During this conference, Diehl will also discuss things that concern both domestic and international issues. With his experience working with the US Mint, Diehl will be in position to provide his expertise about the latest report about the state of gold.


Right before the latest conference, Philip Diehl said that many people are not aware that the price of gold can be impacted by many things each day. By providing a special report at this meeting, Diehl hopes to provide people with the knowledge they need in order to make good decisions about investing in gold. The US Money Reserve strives to educate citizens about wealth protection in the form of investing in precious metals. With its expertise, US Money Reserve has been known as America’s Gold Authority. According to the company, physical gold is a type of wealth insurance as it easily addresses the volatility in the financial markets.


US Money Reserve is a company that provides investors with a variety of precious metals as well as educational tools. The products offered by the company include gold coins, silver bars and platinum bullion. With these products, investors can get valuable assets that can help protect and enhance their wealth. Along with gold and silver products, US Money Reserve also provides investors with market updates as well as tips on what to invest in and when. The company also provides support for investors who are looking to get advice on how to best allocate their precious metal investment portfolio. As a result, US Money Reserve is the most reliable source of precious metals investing in the United States.

Ronald Fowlkes: A Man of Action and Protection

Most of us like and respect men of action, that is a characteristic that we look for in our leaders, and it is also the personality trait that makes our soldiers endearing and respectable for us. Because not only are they men of action, they are also men of protection, because they do what they do for our protection. Such is the kind of man Ronald Fowlkes is.


Ronald Fowlkes is a man that has fought for his country’s freedom overseas and also oversaw his country’s domestic protection by working with the law enforcement community.


Ronald Fowlkes started his journey of patriotic services when in 1989, for four years, he enlisted to join the Marine Corps of the United States of America. Through this, he became a First Gulf War veteran and during his time with the Marine Corps, promoted two times for his bravery and skill in service.


Always a man of action, he expanded his military background when he enrolled in the Marine Corps School’s, which he passed courageously. After that, he also enrolled in the army’s Basic Engineering course in the ANGLICO or “Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Co.”.


Desiring more skill to protect his country, Ronald became one of the country’s elite airborne paratroopers when he enrolled and passed the Army’s school focused in learning parachute usage, and deservingly earned the advance Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia. With that, to complete his military skillset, Ronald also took on the NSWF School for combat. Because of all the skill set he acquired through numerous elite military training, Ronald Fowlkes has been assigned in several high-level missions where he took on various roles such as airborne operations, missions both in air and in the water, reconnaissance missions, as well as use different radios, encrypted or not.


After his service in the military, Ronald also worked in the law enforcement community of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department by training police officers in the use of shoot house, urban/swat tactical warfare, tactical rifle, and defensive tactics. Ronald has also investigated illegal narcotics trafficking, gang activities, and various other crimes.


Today, Ronald Fowlkes is the Development Manager of Law Enforcement at Eagle Industries Unlimited, and his role is to train over 150 personnel about the company’s products and sales.


With all of the accomplishments that Ronald Fowlkes had while serving his country and his people, many believe him to be one of the most successful people from the time that he served the army and his country.


Because of his role in the Eagle Industries Unlimited and his training that allowed him to be a developer manager in the institution, he is one of the most renowned law enforcers in the organization.



Waiakea Waters Saves Everybody

In a billion-dollar industry, to be profitable, a company must stand out. Waiakea Water is definitely that company because they introduced volcanic water to the bottled water market. They also are all about the environment and you can see this with their biodegradable bottles that only take 15 years to fully decompose and return back to the earth whereas regular bottles can take up to 1000 years to do the same. This article explains why the world needs a company that is focused on helping our environment and how Waiakea has stepped up to that task. The article explains how major countries in Asia are dumping endless amounts of plastic bottles into our world’s oceans and that not where they belong. The author joked that they would rather see a shark in the ocean over a plastic bottle because that is where the shark belongs. But Asian countries are not the only ones adding to the plastic bottle problem. The United States only recycled 23% of plastic bottles last year and the rest is somewhere sitting in landfills. Go To This Page to learn more.



Ryan Emmons created a truly innovative company when he introduced Waiakea Waters to the world. The company is built around the rain and snow water that runs off of one of the longest active volcanoes, Mauna Loa, which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The water runs through 14,000 feet of porous rock and get infused with minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium which offer an amazing taste to the consumer along with help benefits for bones, skin and hair. (Read


Emmons access to the amazing volcano gave him the inspiration to create Waiakea Waters. The company is very involved with Pump Aid which is an organization that helps provide communities around the world with clear water. He has been very active in providing communities with millions of gallons of water using age old pumping systems. The mission of Waiakea Waters from the start was to give back and help communities in need. More on:



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Dr. Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Healthcare

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Dental Surgeon

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon whom is also a well-regarded expert in healthcare. His work has spanned across several different institutions for which he was able to enhance his reputation and expertise. His qualifications come from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School; and he has been practicing in England for years.

Aside from being a physician, he is also very entrepreneurial given that he created the Sussex Healthcare group of care homes. This has also meant service in a wide range of capacities in the Jamati Institute, Aga Khan Foundation.

Native of Tanzania Involved In Islamic Scholarship

He is a native of Tanzania, and is currently involved in the field of Islamic Scholarship. He is the Department Head of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness Aga Khan at Aiglemont, France. This gives him responsibility for coordinating programs and activities for the Ismaili institutions in 16 areas. Part of his responsibility also involves a significant amount of humanitarian work for the benefit of the Ismaili community.


Promoted Additional Qualifications for His Staff

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has recently had the opportunity to award qualifications from the University of Chichester; specifically a Level 5 Diploma in Professional Practice in Social Care. For his staff at Sussex Health Care, this represents an opportunity for career advancement which demonstrates a dedication to the well-being of patients at Sussex Health Care.

Independent Care Home Based in Sussex

Sussex Health Care is an independent care home based in Sussex which is focused on providing care for older individuals. Those whom have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or need care with other physical difficulties or neurological illnesses are able to have access to the best care at Sussex Health Care according to The care center aims to be the leading provider of care for individuals based on their needs. This also comes in addition to care services which his organization provides for young people with developmental disabilities. This care is all provided by a team of highly-trained professionals. The professional team is highly qualified and very attentive to the needs of the patients within the care home.

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Gregory Aziz And The Secret To His Success

We have so many comprehensive articles and bio about Greg James Aziz online, but how many of them can we read without wasting so much time? How do we make sure that we can have the energy to read them all without getting enervated? This article will try to address that. We will discuss in this article only the relevant information about Greg Aziz, that will make a difference in your research about him. Let’s start!

  1. James Aziz: The Businessman

James Aziz, also known as Greg, is serving as National Industries, Inc.’s CEO, as well as National Steel Car Limited’s Chief Executive Officer. Being the CEO of National Steel Car for over 23 years now has made Greg one of the top leaders in the global industry. Which doesn’t stop Greg from pursuing more. In fact, Greg is constantly challenging himself to raise the bar so high, that only the excellent ideas get to stay in his company.


The secret of Greg Aziz in making sure that he still stays successful is by always focusing his and his company’s strengths on finding ways to make things more efficient without compromising the cost of operations. Because Greg belongs in the freight car and rail industry, he also tries to make sure that the technology he brings to the market will be meaningful, economically viable and ethically produced. The broad sense of purpose that he has for his company is indeed the foundation that he brings to make sure that his people work harder and find meaning in their lives.

Another focus of Greg Aziz in his career is to make sure that the customers he serves are satisfied by the high-quality standards for railcars that he brings. With a delivery rating that’s quite unmatched in the industry, Greg indeed finds a way to always stay on top amid the competition. Greg does this by simply making sure that the railroad company he’s built always has an ISO 9001:2008 performance score. This rating assures the customers that he can only bring the best types of freight cars in the market today.


  1. Educational Background


In addition to the experience Greg had, the excellent service he brings to the market may be because of his educational background. Greg went to Western University to study Economics. It is in that institution that he was able to build a strong foundation for his later career.

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Gregory Aziz Will Make Sure His Company Succeeds For Generations

Gregory James Aziz has served National Steel Car Ltd faithfully as their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. During his time as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, he turned National Steel Car Ltd into a giant business that the rail sector had to reckon with.

Greg James Aziz was born and was raised in the Canadian province of Ontario in a city known as Hamilton. He studied at Western University where he received a degree in economics, as well as the respect of his professors. He would incorporate the wisdom he learned here to National Steel Car Ltd and thus guarantee that they would do over 100 years of business.


Greg Aziz has the honor of being at the helm of National Steel Car Ltd when they crossed over their mark of one century in business. While everybody was celebrating, he was brainstorming ways to ensure that they would be able to continue for another 100 years. As Greg Aziz examined his business, he saw that many things needed to change immediately if this was to happen.


The first thing he had to do was begin innovating. Gregory James Aziz saw change on the horizon, and that change was not good for the rail industry. The continent of North America, especially the United States and Canada, was becoming more nature-friendly and green. It was only a matter of time before new legislation was passed that severely limited the rail industry. Greg Aziz knew that he could wait until it was too late and die, or he could prepare for that change and thrive. He immediately began making preparations.


Greg Aziz called his executives together and convinced them they needed to get ahead of this. To do so, he put the Research and Development into a prominent position in the company. He tasked them with making a rail car that could go further, faster, and use less emission. They told him it was impossible. He responded it was their job. See This Article for more information.


Three years later, the R&D department brought him a car that could carry 50% more weight while going 25% faster and using 90% fewer emissions. Four months after this car was produced, Canada passed stricter laws governing emissions and the only company who could operate turned out to be National Steel Car Ltd. This change not only saved the company but returned it to its spot of prominence.


Insightful Facts About Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian oil and gas producing company. The company previously known as Penn West Exploration Ltd is based in Calgary, Alberta. This region is along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It’s among the most significant petroleum reserve in the world. Production is done in three areas in Alberta which include Peace River Oil Sands, Pembina Cardium, and Alberta Viking. It has been the sixtieth largest company on the Toronto Stock Exchange for a while.


The company has a significant number of employees. It has set-up several sub-stations that have eased the access to energy services. It has also improved the living standards of the society due to the accessibility of sustainable and affordable energy resources. The company also offers their products like energy appliances and devices in installments. By expanding their services widely, it has helped the low-income buyers to access their products in installments.


Obsidian Energy has a competent research team that researches on advancing technology. The company also allows other researchers and investors to do their own research and their findings have guided the company in creating innovations, efficient use of technology and attaining a green economy.


Health and Safety


Obsidian Energy is keen on environmental conservation by creating an environment for its residents that is free and safe from pollution. The company has helped Canada to achieve a green economy as it produces natural and renewable energy. It has also reduced the number of carbon emissions and other harmful elements to the atmosphere. It also carries out resource reservation, land reclamation and proper site abandonment intending to conserve the environment.


Obsidian also values the safety of its employees and their families as well. They have an emergency response plan that is swift in responding to emergency situations occurring during the company’s operations.




The Obsidian Energy Company has established excellent standards for other oil and gas companies. It has generated significant revenue for Canada as well as improving the lives of people. The company has attracted investors globally who have further enhanced the value of the company. It has also received significant awards due to its exemplary achievements.


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Penn West Rebrands To Obsidian Energy

In the annual and special meeting held on 26th June 2017, over 92% of Penn West shareholders passed through ballot vote to change the Penn West Petroleum Ltd to Obsidian Energy Ltd. Through the extraordinary resolution, the name change took over immediately. The company changed the symbol to “OBE” on New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.



The Chief Executive(CEO) and President of the Canadian of the oil and gas company, David French, outlined that the company has been undergoing significant transformations and restructuring to improve the performance. The fundamental changes included development strategies, financial reports, operational structures, and staff. Additionally, to mark the new chapter a new name and new policies will provide a platform to move Obsidian Energy to new heights of success. (See Related Information Here.)



After re-stating its financial reports in previous years, Penn West undertook economic restructuring. It sold various assets which allowed debt reduction from $3 billion in the year 2013 to $384 million at the end of March this year. In addition to financial reforms, Obsidian Energy carried out operational improvements to capitalize on profitability. It has reduced forecast production from 135,000 barrels of oil per day in 2013 to 28,000 barrels of oil per day in this calendar year. Also, Obsidian Energy has undergone strategic staff changes. At the start of this year, it had 407 employees as compared to 1,415 employees in the company three years ago.



Obsidian Energy is a Canadian crude oil company based in Calgary, Canada. It has crafted the right platform to deliver results. It is led by discipline, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. It aims to uphold accountability to all shareholders, partners, and communities. Obsidian Energy is committed to protecting the environment. It holds the safety and health of the employees, the public, the company among others. The management of Obsidian Energy continually improves safety standards, training, and awareness of employee and contractors.



Obsidian Energy is guided by three principles to achieve high performance which includes disciplined technical and commercial decision making, innovation, and transparency. With right assets, prudent financial reports and investment strategy, Obsidian energy will thrive in the competitive environment.




Robert Thikoll – Working With The Human Factor

In October 2014, Mr. Robert Thikoll took the position of Vice President of Operational Excellence at Ingersall Rand. This is a company that is dedicated to providing environments that are efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. He attended Arizona State University and Nanzan University where he earned bachelor degrees in Japanese and Political Science and also minored in Asian Studies. He has worked for the Aisin Takaoka Company, Intat Precision (a subsidiary of Aisin Takaoka) and Beckman Colter/ Danaher where he was the Vice president of their global operations. He has also worked in a Toyota Tier One Factory as an operator.

Robert believes that only by aligning your team can help you solve problems and achieve the vision you are striving for. Despite the expansion of technology, he believes that the success of an individual depends on how they interact with others and in developing relationships. He considers daily management as key to plotting where you want your business to go. He prefers to find out what problems a new team is attempting to solve and then adjusting his methods to help them.

Robert believes that everyone can be an expert in problem solving. Different organizations and businesses will have their own dynamics but you still need to lead by example and push the limits.

When he lived in Japan, he learned to appreciate the concepts of teamwork, hard work, and the importance of all team members giving each other support. It was always important to respect the employees, who in turn would do their best for the customers.

Robert believes that “lean thinking” should be a priority for large companies in all aspects of their business. He stays current on business trends by attending expositions and consortiums in different countries. This affords him experience and information that helps him in his position.

Online Trading Firm AvaTrade Reviews

AvaTrade is one of the many online trading brokers that investors can use in order to make money with trading and general investing. The firm was founded in the year 2006 by finance professionals who looked to expand it worldwide. As of today, AvaTrade has a number of locations in places such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, New York City, and Dublin where the firm is based out of. With AvaTrade, investors can trade a number of different types of securities such as stocks, commodities, Forex currencies and indicies. The firm also offers a wide variety of platforms which help make the trading process much more efficient and easier for investors.

With AvaTrade, investors will be in position to receive a number of benefits when using this particular brokerage firm. First, they will be using a firm that is registered and among the most reputable in the industry. As a result, they will never have to worry about getting involved with any trading scams. Another benefit of this firm is that investors can trade and open up an account with a balance as low as $100. This gives them the opportunity to make money with a very small initial investment. With AvaTrade, investors can also trade with over 250 financial instruments which gives them plenty of options to take advantage of when investing their capital. AvaTrade also offers two of the top platforms in the industry such as MetaTrader 4 and AvaTrader.

One of the things that makes AvaTrade among the top online Forex brokers it its platforms. You can use the AvaTrader and the MetaTrader 4 platforms to complete a number of trades. These platforms are among the most modern and up to date. As a result, traders will be able to complete a number of trades with the utmost efficiency and timeliness. There are also features such as low spreads and variety with these platforms. You can trade a number of currencies, stocks, commodities and funds with the platform. Investors that are looking to use these platforms will also be in position to make trades with a number of technological devices such as laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and also tablets.

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