If You Think Qnet Is A Scam, You May Want To Take A Another Look

Qnet is an e-commerce company that has managed to bring direct selling opportunities to places without much experience with this business model. Most of their distributors are in Asia, Middle East and Africa. For people who want to start their own business, Qnet provides new entrepreneurs with all the resources that they need for success. […]

Juan Monteverde's Legal Assistance to Investors and Consumers

Juan Monteverde has been offering legal services in New York for years. Presently, he focuses on helping the investors and consumers to fight for their rights. He helps them through his firm Monteverde & Associates whenever they have advertising, corporate fraud cases, or other issues that violate their rights. To date, Monteverde has represented many […]

Asot Michael´s Career and Political Profile

Asot Michael is the current Member of Parliament for Saint Peter Constituency in Antigua and Barbuda. He served as the Minister of Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism under the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Asot Michael became a Member of Parliament under the Labour Party. Asot Michael was born and raised in Guadeloupe. His […]

David Schmidt: LifeWave CEO on the Significance of Focus

People have different perceptions on the route to success, but if you interact with a successful person, the focus becomes the underline skill. Regardless of an array of distractions, the focus is a superpower that drives people, and an assessment of David Schmidt’s career can describe this more. David Schmidt is LifeWave’s CEO, dominant wellness […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Leads in Transforming the Aviation Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is a recognized business, investor, and humanitarian in London. Since moving from Boston University in 2008, he was in the recent past named Entrepreneur of the Year and has made outstanding, following his highly profitable private investments. Bhanu’s great work has kept him at the forefront of the investment world, thanks to his […]

Laura Rea Dickey, Drive In Dickey Barbecue Restaurants Is On Top

In an article entitled “We are passionate about the art of great barbecue.”: Laura Rea Dickey”, The Dickey’s Restaurant CEO states that the restaurant has a strong sense of history, family and competition-style barbecue, where it’s all about the food. Laura tell folks about their story and explain to them who they are and what […]

The Competitive Nature Of Min-Liang Tan Leads To Massive Success

When Min-Liang Tan is Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire, who is asked about the source of his success, he attributes it to one thing; competitiveness. Many wonders how a lawyer ended up as one of the most successful gamers in the world. Min-Liang Tan started the gaming venture in 2005, intending to bring competitiveness to other […]