How the PosiGen Company Transform People’s Lives

PosiGen solar  power company is diligently operating to ensure solar energy benefits many people in the United States. They want solar energy to be more pocket-friendly and highly accessible, specifically to the people of color and low-income communities. These people have subscribed to solar leasing programs to save money on utility bills, invest in their […]

Carl Daikeler and Beachbody: A Winning Concept

During the lockdowns and social distancing requirements that started in early 2020, the demand for in-home fitness videos increased rapidly. With gyms closed in many states, those who wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle had to look for alternatives. This is where Beachbody provided an important service. The Beachbody program offers more than 1,500 video […]

Alexander Payne Film making Journey

Alexander Payne got born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1961. At Stanford University, he studied history and Spanish and later on MFA from UCLA’s film school. Alexander Payne is an American filmmaker who has experience in artistic influences and writing films and has great thoughts on the future and growth of the industry. Being brought up […]

Robinson Helicopter Company Serves As The Leading Helicopter Manufacturing Company In The World

The launching of Robinson Helicopter in 1973 was by Frank Robinson in Torrance, California. Frank Robinson aimed to manufacture the world’s superior, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective helicopters. Robinson designed the R-22 chopper in 1979, which was affordable and accessible; thus, it gained new customers in the global market. Currently, Robinson Helicopter maintains the production capacity […]

Ross Levinsohn’s Career As A Distinguished Businessman

As a businessman who’s well ahead of the pack, Ross Levinsohn is an inspiring entrepreneur. With a professional background in communications, marketing, and technology, Levinsohn has earned a reputation as a multifaceted mogul. From HBO and Yahoo to CBS SportsLine and Fox Interactive Media, Levinsohn’s worked for several major corporations. With each experience came exciting […]

Sustainable Fiduciary with Hauser Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group is committed to providing insurance products that protect its policyholders from risks associated with catastrophic loss events for their insured property, as well as offering a competitive Total Cost of Ownership solution. Our policyholders include a wide variety of individuals ranging from individuals, families, small businesses right up to large corporations with […]