Heath Ritenour Highlights New Staff Additions And Prepares For IOA Growth

Heath Ritenour, IOA’s CEO Heath Ritenour, who joined IOA last May, has made good on his promise to expand the company’s staff with three new key hires. All three are veteran claims professionals who bring years of relevant experience to their new roles at IOA, which is on the brink of a major growth spurt. […]

Jack Mason’s Take on the Future of Retail Businesses

A U.K. native, Jack Mason, is a businessman and philanthropist based in Manchester. He’s the CEO of Inc & Co, which he first opened in 2019, aiming to cause a disruptive influence that businesses did not have before. By being part of the entrepreneurship landscape, Jack understands that businesses have their strengths and weaknesses. This […]

Caribou: A Leading Company In The Provision Of Quality Freight Services

Caribou was founded following the merger between different packet, parcel and mail specialist firms. Over the years, the company has taken different approaches in ensuring the transformation of international and domestic parcel delivery services. The firm also prides itself on offering quality customer services in the areas it serves. Part of the things that drives […]

What You Need to Know About the President of The World’s Largest Sunglasses Company, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a successful entrepreneur. He is known for the executive roles he has played and currently playing in several companies. Some of the significant companies Alejandro has been part of include, O’Hara Administration, Hawkers, BDK Banque de Dakar and the Pacific Exploration & Production company. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was made President of […]