Andrew Lazarus and the Purchase Strategy of The Beaches

Andrew Lazarus has chosen to employ a different strategy following his purchase of The Beaches. He wishes to take time and understand the operations of the hotel. The observation period will allow Lazarus to identify the best use method in the newly bought hotel. Check out: Sydney hotelier Andrew Lazarus buys Beach Hotel Merewether Andrew […]

KW Daryl Dylan Dynamic Changes In The Delivery Service Industry.

KW Daryl Dylan Dynamic Changes In The Delivery Service Industry. Caribou is a service provider with its headquarters in Manchester in the UK. The company offers an array of delivery services that range from Pallets Storage to other shipments around the globe. Amazingly, its originality came out of mailing services, parcels among different heights with […]

Vik Bansal's Insights on the Global Future of Sustainable Steel

Vik Bansal published an article on the global future of sustainable steel. The article discusses how steel companies are looking to secure their supply chains to ensure enough raw materials for their operations. This is largely being driven by concerns over climate change and environmental sustainability and a search for new markets due to slow […]

Ryan Kavanaugh On The Dark Side of the Power of Social Media

Ryan Kavanaugh is the founder, film producer, film financier, and former CEO of Relativity Media. In his article the dark side of the power of social media, Ryan Kavanaugh narrates why he sued Ethan Klein and his podcast H3. Ryan says that Ethan has lied to his followers and the public, where Ethan profited from […]

How Leo Radvinsky is Shaping the Future of Tech

As a software entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Leo Radvinsky believes that the key to technology’s future may actually lie in the past. Developers are already hard at work on a new generation of technology, which is being constructed atop a predecessor, thanks to open source technologies like Elixir and B4X. Elixir Gets a Boost From […]