A day in the life of Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde story motivates every personality with a dream of getting successful. The respected law graduate has moved from being an ordinary lawyer to become a top and influential leader who owns a reputable firm in New York. The idea of starting Monteverde &Associates came when Juan was serving in other law firms. In all of the positions he was getting in various law firms, Juan Monteverde was busy getting expertise to create his facility later on in his life. In several firms, Juan got to be in charge of departments, and this is how he managed to acquire leadership abilities. In a certain law firm, the visionary executive became one of the partners. This made Juan have the perfect foundation, and he knew it was time to fly and be his own boss. The other step of establishing the NYC law firm came in a very natural way. Juan says he did not have any fears and doubts that he would bring his firm down because he had served thousands of customers. The leader had made very good connections with the stakeholders in the industry, making his future easier.

Juan Monteverde interest in creating a true impact in the New York law section is what makes him be responsible and very disciplined when handling cases with shareholders. While it is very normal for company leaders to have a routine, Juan Monteverde follows a unique way of handling his responsibilities. When he wakes up from the bed, Juan starts working. For him, there is no time to be engaging in things outside his profession. His day mostly starts by reading the famous Wall Street Journal. His coffee is always the second thing in line. From this time of the day, the executive moves from one place to the other editing and reading briefs. Juan Monteverde goes to various courts during the day too.

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