About Tom Keane Corporate Vice President, Mission Engineering, Microsoft Azure

Tom Keane is a corporate vice president for Mission Engineering and the leader of the Microsoft Azure team. He has been involved in startups, with more than ten years of experience managing large and small engineering teams and working on product design at Amazon.com, C3 Technologies, and IBM. Tom Keane´s team creates enterprise cloud solutions primarily focused on Business Intelligence (B.I.) and Big Data analytics. Tom has co-authored three books on DevOps culture within startups that focus on agile practices in engineering to support startup success. Tom launched the Startup DevOps Conference, which has grown significantly in popularity.


  1. Adapting Commercial Innovation For National Security


Tom Keane and a team of collaborators in the Department of Homeland Security, Unisys Corporation, and other U.S. government agencies won the “Information Age” Regional Challenge and the top prize as part of a prime contract.


This, to develop a next-generation integrated circuit that can be turned into a compact, low-cost radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. Microsoft has engaged microelectronics industry leaders to craft a new class of intelligent, small-space chips that can interrupt a terrorist plot and possibly save dozens of lives or even hundreds, with low overhead and minimal disruption to the way supply chains operate. Tom Keane shares his expertise and knowledge to younger software developers at the corporation. 


  1. Azure Government Is Now A Top Secret Capability For Nationally-Critical Needs


Microsoft announced today that Azure Government has been certified for U.S. national security missions by the National Security Agency (NSA) and is now generally available to U.S. government agencies (Azure). 

Azure Government is a “private cloud” on the Microsoft Azure cloud, explicitly designed to support the needs of national security agencies and other federal and state customers. Cryptographic keys, including those for encrypting data, are managed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). According to Tom Keane, security is enforced with an integrated set of controls to ensure access is controlled and restricted to only those users who require it. Organizations do not have direct access to applications or data on Azure Government, and the use of Azure Government does not give them access to any information from other customers on the Microsoft Azure platform.