Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Strategy of Running Hawkers

2016 was a bad year for Hawkers as they suffered major losses, pushing them to seek external funding. That is how Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came to serve the company. In the same year, he offered to help the company financially, and they decided to elect him as its president.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invested over twenty million euros in 2018, thus becoming the largest shareholder in the company. Additionally, he could now control over 50% of Hawker’s assets. Under the leadership of Alejandro, Hawkers grew and started selling sunglasses on Shopify. It is known for its quality of sales and the best glasses globally. These glasses are always in demand because they are simple yet high quality.

The internet played a major role in pushing hawkers to where it is today. Betancourt applied strategic marketing, thus making the internet the company’s main distribution channel. The company’s main strategy is Facebook ads, which are the most effective way to advertise the brand.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez looked for collaborations with famous brands. It helped boost Hawker’s presence online and helped it be known to more and more people. On the other side, Betancourt is also a community leader. He insists that everybody in the community should be aware of their role.

He believes that we cannot move forward in everything we do if we do not contribute to the well-being of our communities. Alejandro has never been afraid of facing a new challenge. Under his leadership also, the company has garnered and sold almost five million pairs of sunglasses. The company’s presence has also increased in over fifty countries. The company seems to be doing all the right things under his leadership; thus, there are no signs of slowing down to know more click here.