Kids Learn Lessons From the Recent Partnership between ClassDojo and Several American Athletes

Millions of kids worldwide do not have adequate role models and mentors who can provide them with important life skill lessons. Steve Mesler, an Olympic gold finalist and the CEO of Classroom Champions, shares that Paralympians and Olympians have more potential of teaching kids important life lessons. The recent partnership between ClassDojo, NBC Olympics and […]

Fortress Investment Group’s Exceptional Performance for Almost Two Decades

Established in 1998, Fortress Investment Group operates from the main offices situated in New York City. Ever since the firm started, it has been performing well, gaining popularity all over the world. Its main objective is to help entrepreneurs solve different challenges they face in their businesses by offering the best business strategies. Fortress Investment […]

Reasons Why Fortress Investment Group is one Of The Most Reputable Companies

Fortress Investment Group has registered steady growth for the last two decades. That has increased the company’s reputation in New York and the world over. A significant percentage of the firm’s profit results from the management strategies for several years now. In addition, the strategies have helped the firm register a high success in a […]

If You Think Qnet Is A Scam, You May Want To Take A Another Look

Qnet is an e-commerce company that has managed to bring direct selling opportunities to places without much experience with this business model. Most of their distributors are in Asia, Middle East and Africa. For people who want to start their own business, Qnet provides new entrepreneurs with all the resources that they need for success. […]

Juan Monteverde's Legal Assistance to Investors and Consumers

Juan Monteverde has been offering legal services in New York for years. Presently, he focuses on helping the investors and consumers to fight for their rights. He helps them through his firm Monteverde & Associates whenever they have advertising, corporate fraud cases, or other issues that violate their rights. To date, Monteverde has represented many […]

Asot Michael´s Career and Political Profile

Asot Michael is the current Member of Parliament for Saint Peter Constituency in Antigua and Barbuda. He served as the Minister of Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism under the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Asot Michael became a Member of Parliament under the Labour Party. Asot Michael was born and raised in Guadeloupe. His […]