Humanity Disgrace: Georgette Mulheir And The Race To Defend Haiti´s Democracy

The Caribbean is the region in Central America, consisting of about 700 islands. Famous for its sea life, major yachting and diving activities attract people from all over the world. You’d have no problem naming several world-renowned island countries like Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. But, if someone mentioned Haiti, not many people would have […]

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Beguiling Patients and Peers with Surgical Artistry

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a Dallas, Texas rooted physician whose caliber of medical professionalism far exceeds that of an average depiction. As an internationally renowned philanthropist, educator, and clinician, Dr. Rohrich has received the utmost praise and recognition among peers and patients for his remarkable cosmetic abilities and multitude of influential leadership roles in the […]

Article Recap of Education Comments From Former SEC and Online Trading Academy Chief Economist

The article’s title alludes to comments from Financial Expert Dr. Jeffrey Harris, stating that all education in retail trading is “not equal.” It then introduces an April 2021 series of government hearings in the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services. Much was mentioned on educational importance for investors and retail traders. The article again reiterates […]

Laura Rea Dickey On Cultivating Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Get to know the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant’s CEO, Laura Rea Dickey, more in an article entitled “Get to Know Dickey’s BBQ CEO and Why She’d Nix Ketchup”. Her presence at the family-owned food franchise has considerably been magical. Laura Rea Dickey, with many years in the industry she is acquitted with the best technology to […]

Richard DeVaul Reclaiming Innovation By Reclaiming Buzzwords

Semantic satiation is a psychological sensation that almost everyone has experienced at one time or the other. If a given word is used severally, it might the meaning and just become incomprehensive sounds. Innovation is a word that has experienced semantic satiation for the last ten years. Business people and politicians have taken the center […]

Concierge Auctions: What You Should Know About the May/June Sales

Concierge Auctions, the largest luxury property firm globally, presents real estates in the United States and beyond. Penthouse of Sierra Towers of West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, CA, houses one blank-slate property, going for US$ 33.5 million. Bids run from 25th to 30th June 2021, without reserves. Situated along 9255 Doheny Road, the property has two […]

Matthew Fleeger Success as Gulf Coast Western CEO and Proactive Role in Employing Technology in the Industry

Since the old days, the oil and gas industry continue ruling the world. The sector has been at the forefront of human change and development regarding entrepreneurship and global transformation. It provides the stable energy supply that countries have used to support their work for decades. Matthew Fleeger Dallas acknowledges that the sector faces many […]

Maven Benefits from the Skilled Leadership of a New CEO

Several months ago, Maven conducted an exhaustive search for a new CEO before it identified the powerful leadership skills of Ross Levinsohn. In fact, Levinsohn has served the technology and media spaces for more than 36 years, and his lengthy career includes long stints in executive-level roles. Maven is known for providing quality services for […]