Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a retired corporate attorney and philanthropist in Houston, Texas. She has been a popular speaker and author for more than ten years. Franci Neely has received much attention for her inspiring and often humorous life story. Read more: Franci Neely | The Buzz Magazines/ Her stories have appeared in many publications, including […]

Jaden Garza offers internet solutions for nomadic communities

While many people chose to embrace the nomadic lifestyle due to the opportunity to visit new places and explore their surroundings getting reliable internet has been a major challenge. High-speed reliable internet is virtually impossible to access when living in parks. Jaden Garza has taken it to himself to solve this challenge by providing high-speed […]

The Justin Halladay Show: A Reginar Hlavacek Show

For The Justin Halladay Show fans, the new season returns to Hell Fest on September 24. This year’s roast of the great and the goodwill have something to offer them all — an excellent ole rap show, sure, and a talk show filled with humor and insight into the lives of people we all know […]

Getting to Know Justin Halladay

Overview Justin Halladay’s career has been productive and successful. In the first half of his professional career, Justin Halladay climbed the corporate ladder by synthesizing his skills and interests. He had plenty of business experience, which he accumulated in fifteen years through his various ventures. Further reading: Justin Halladay – Crunchbase Person Profile He has […]

Andrew Lazarus and the Purchase Strategy of The Beaches

Andrew Lazarus has chosen to employ a different strategy following his purchase of The Beaches. He wishes to take time and understand the operations of the hotel. The observation period will allow Lazarus to identify the best use method in the newly bought hotel. Check out: Sydney hotelier Andrew Lazarus buys Beach Hotel Merewether Andrew […]