Philip Belamant Explains the Customers' Misconception of how BNPL companies Earn Revenue.

Data collected from recent research on buyers’ feelings and knowledge around Buy Now Pay Later shows that while BNPL is gaining more and more attention with clients, 31% of customers subscribed to the service. There are still many misunderstandings and a widespread lack of knowledge about how BNPL organizations function, compete with conventional credit card […]

Richard Liu is The American Founder of The E-commerce Site

Richard Liu is the American founder of the e-commerce site, also known as “China’s Amazon.” is China’s largest online retailer, with more than 240 million active buyers and sellers. Liu is also the founder of the China-U.S. shared economic growth zone and the China United Network Communications, a non-profit organization aiming to build […]

Vik Bansal's Insights on the Global Future of Sustainable Steel

Vik Bansal published an article on the global future of sustainable steel. The article discusses how steel companies are looking to secure their supply chains to ensure enough raw materials for their operations. This is largely being driven by concerns over climate change and environmental sustainability and a search for new markets due to slow […]

Heath Ritenour Highlights New Staff Additions And Prepares For IOA Growth

Heath Ritenour, IOA’s CEO Heath Ritenour, who joined IOA last May, has made good on his promise to expand the company’s staff with three new key hires. All three are veteran claims professionals who bring years of relevant experience to their new roles at IOA, which is on the brink of a major growth spurt. […]

Caribou: A Leading Company In The Provision Of Quality Freight Services

Caribou was founded following the merger between different packet, parcel and mail specialist firms. Over the years, the company has taken different approaches in ensuring the transformation of international and domestic parcel delivery services. The firm also prides itself on offering quality customer services in the areas it serves. Part of the things that drives […]

Robinson Helicopter Company Serves As The Leading Helicopter Manufacturing Company In The World

The launching of Robinson Helicopter in 1973 was by Frank Robinson in Torrance, California. Frank Robinson aimed to manufacture the world’s superior, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective helicopters. Robinson designed the R-22 chopper in 1979, which was affordable and accessible; thus, it gained new customers in the global market. Currently, Robinson Helicopter maintains the production capacity […]

Sustainable Fiduciary with Hauser Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group is committed to providing insurance products that protect its policyholders from risks associated with catastrophic loss events for their insured property, as well as offering a competitive Total Cost of Ownership solution. Our policyholders include a wide variety of individuals ranging from individuals, families, small businesses right up to large corporations with […]

James Gutierrez Describes Social Entrepreneurship

James Gutierrez is a finance and entrepreneur technology specialist who has been fighting for economic fairness. James has a robust belief and drive to achieve social justice. His career is also oriented to establishing institutions from the bottom to the top. James Gutierrez, the famous fintech entrepreneur shares his personal and expatriate journey to inspire […]