John Savignano Recap

As automation and high-tech evolve, so does accounting. Modern accounting processes are not static or fixed. Accountants must stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing regulatory pressures, technology advancements, and client needs. Therefore, there are specific trends that could shape the future of accounting. Accounting is constantly changing, whether you like it or […]

Ryan Kavanaugh: The Successfully Launch of Triller and Triller Fight Club

Ryan Kavanaugh is a successful Afmerican entrepreneur, producer, and co-founder of the entertainment company known as Innovative Artists. Kavanaugh has always been interested in the entertainment industry and started his career in the mailroom of a talent agency. He quickly moved up the ranks and became one of Hollywood’s most successful young agents. In 2001, […]

Brandon Taubman, Data Scientist: What You Need to Know About Data Science

Brandon Taubman is a data scientist. That means he analyzes, visualizes, and models information to help make decisions. To give you an idea of what a data scientist does, think of the following: -Easily gain insights into a business or organization’s data -Identify trends in data quickly to provide insight on future events -Use analytical […]

 Kristin Molinaroli: Career Coach & Effective Mentorship

Kristin Ihle Helledy Molinaroli is a career coach and effective mentor with over 15 years of experience in human resources, talent management, and leadership development. Kristin has also been featured in various media outlets such as Tech Bullion, Idea Mensch, Daily Northwestern,, and The Gazette for her expertise on mentorship, employee potential, and the […]

 Kristin Molinaroli on Mentorship and Success

Kristin Molinaroli is an educated woman with a Ph.D. in psychology. Moreover, she has spent the better part of her career aiding professionals to achieve their objectives. Kristin is the founder of Avant, a consulting business assisting company. Besides, she was an outstanding athlete for Nike, while in athletics, she was a seven-time All-American winner. […]