Chad Price CEO Mako Medical Takes Over the Medical Field

In 2014, Chad Price went on a leap with his friend and business partner Arant to create the go-to laboratory for most U.S. residents, Mako Medical.

The two who met at a Bible Study hosted by Paul Newby, an N.C. Supreme Court Justice had a conversation about Chad’s sister and the challenges that she and Chad faced when finding suitable laboratories.

The conversation, which went on for a while, divulged the struggles with finding laboratories with quick turnaround times, basic customer standards, and pricing transparency and quickly ended with them realizing that they were none in the market.

Chad Price and his friend went on a God and Google strategy, constantly praying while searching for answers on the internet before finally taking the leap and establishing Mako Medical.

The company, which has grown tremendously to generate up to 125 million dollars in revenue, is making waves in the medical field. It was recently even selected to represent North Carolina in the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Award in the category for small businesses.

Furthermore, it seeks to be among the first full-service healthcare companies offering its clients a wide array of services like logistics, document management, medical waste technology, and added staff divisions to serve its customers effectively.

It also has a partnership with GoKart Kids, a venture that seeks to offer safe and reliable transportation to kids and patients going for follow-up appointments.