ClassDojo Wants kids to Learn the Art of Personal Reflection

According to scientists, adults usually tend to reflect on some of the decisions and actions they have made in their past. The primary reason behind personal reflection is to help them to have an understanding of whether they made the right decisions or they did not do what was required. Generally, people tend to learn through reflections, especially after analyzing the results that they were able to get after making various decisions.

From the analysis highlighted above, it is clear that people are always interested in ensuring that they are reflecting on their actions with the hope of correcting their future and making the best decisions. However, in the view of ClassDojo, kids have not been engaged in any form of personal reflection. All they do is remember what they did without any form of learning that can enable them to make the most appropriate decisions in the future.

ClassDojo has never seen an organization that has been working on ensuring that kids are encouraged to conduct personal reflection. Also, there is no scientific research that has indicated that kids should not be undertaking personal reflections. Therefore, there are no dangers that such kids will be facing if they are engaged in such practices, and therefore, it is necessary for schools and the people who live with kids to enhance their personal reflections.

As an online organization, ClassDojo has been looking for some innovative strategies to help young kids understand what personal reflection is. It is the view of this online platform that kids who can more easily understand the meaning of personal reflection can go further to try and adopt such practices in their daily lives. Kids who will be using personal reflection to understand the details they have made in their lives will be able to solve some of the problems they have been facing in their school.

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