Damien Granderson an admirable entertainment attorney


Damien Granderson is a name to know in New York-based Entertainment Law. He is an attorney who is a passionate advocate for the entertainment industry. He is one of the leading entertainment law professionals in Hollywood today. Since he started practicing law, Damien Granderson has helped clients to reach top positions in film, television, music, sports and digital media.


Education Background


Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson attended Stony Brook University in New York where he earned his undergraduate certificate. Later, he joined Albany Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor. His education qualification has given him enough knowledge and experience to face the challenges in his career. 


International Copyright


Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson moved to California to start his career as an entertainment lawyer for a law firm that specialized in intellectual property litigation. While there, he has been able to compile experience on international copyright laws as well as domestic trademark laws. Damien Granderson has specialized training in entertainment and contract law, digital media and intellectual property rights. He has a working knowledge of the music industry and consulting experience in digital media deals. 

From his successful career, he has been able to do many things by helping others in the industry. He has taken a considerable extent of interest in helping clients with their music and can help them with everything from contracts to publishing deals. Damien Granderson´s unique and competent style of carrying out his tasks has earned him extreme respect from his clients and many other industry professionals. He is a well-respected and authorized expert in entertainment law.