Desiree Perez and Her Impact in the Entertainment Industry

Desiree Perez has made a name for herself when it comes to being a positive influence in the entertainment industry. She is one of five founders of the company Roc Nation. The company’s growth happened seemingly fast as she recalls going from five to one hundred employees in what felt like the blink of an eye. Desiree Perez was chosen for the position of CEO by the legendary Jay-Z, who is also one of the five founders of the company. This title did not come without putting in the necessary work though and more

She had worked as the company’s chief operating officer for more than ten years prior to becoming CEO. Her main focus has never on her job title though. Above all else, having a positive impact on the entertainment industry and the world has always been her top priority. Social justice is high on her priority list as well. As a Latina woman, Desiree Perez uses her voice and the company’s platform as a way to progress during this challenging time when we are all facing the struggles associated with COVID-19, especially athletes and artists. She is more than willing to go out of her way if it means helping others. There is even a program already in place to help people of color achieve their goals through gaining a scholarship. In this world today, Desiree Perez recognizes the need for supporting each other. Particularly amongst women, people of color, and the upcoming generation, she is making every effort to facilitate the success of others. This role takes a strategic mind which she has certainly proven and continues to prove she possesses.