Dr. Leen Kawas on Getting Rid of Mom Guilt 

Dr. Leen Kawas is an inspiration to women everywhere.

Not only is she an award-winning pioneer in the field of biotech, but she is also a wife and mother with a rich social wife.

And she wants women everywhere to know that they can have it all, too.

Kawas feels very deeply that women should not have to make a choice between a career and family.

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Getting rid of “working mom guilt” once and for all isn’t necessarily easy, and Kawas understands that. It takes a supportive partner and a network of supportive people.

“I firmly believe in asking for help when you need it,” says Kawas.

“Asking for help doesn’t make you look weak.

It makes you look smart.

When you know when and how to ask for support, both your home life and your work life will prosper.”

Prospering is something Dr. Leen Kawas definitely knows how to do.

In only six years, she managed to take a company that she co-founded, Athira Pharma, public, with over $400 million in backing capital.

From there, she co-founded Propel Bio Partners, a company that is committed to improving therapies and healthcare outcomes for millions of people around the world.

Early Life of Dr. Leen Kawas

Leen Kawas went to the University of Jordan, earning her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Later, Kawas immigrated to the United States.

There, she studied at Washington State University and got her doctorate in molecular pharmacology.

Dr. Kawas was raised by two pioneering women who were ahead of their time, her mother and her grandmother.

They were a wonderful influence on her, but she lost both of them at a young age.

Leen Kawas is now a mother herself, to two children, and a loving wife to her husband, who supports her in her personal and professional life.

Learn more about Leen Kawas: https://www.f6s.com/leen-kawas