droppTV describes how shopatainment is the future and announces new partnership

droppTV is taking video to another level through shopatainment, a way for people to purchase content through the use of video. More brands have implemented the use of videos in their marketing tactics to sell content. One of the reasons is its popularity among millennials and Generation Z. CEO Gurp Rai of droppTV came up with the novel idea to be able to purchase clothing right from the video itself after personally wanting a jacket worn by Toronto’s own Drake. Customers can easily buy content through videos with droppTV. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to do so. Rai realized this was all possible through shopatainment and took full advantage. All of this was made possible due to the CEO watching a music video and wanting to buy a jacket seen in the clip. Content creators and artists are able to use droppTV to connect with their fans and can also monetize their content. Many global brands and artists like Ashanti and A$AP Mob’s TyY have released content on the platform. As stated, droppTV has partnered with brands like the Agenda Show to bring the shopping experience to festivals and conferences. Some believe this type of shopping will prove revolutionary and transition to retail in the near future. The trend of online shopping has only been accelerated by the pandemic and advancement of technology. Consumers can also look up whatever they wish on the internet to find out more so traditional methods of selling do not work as well as they used to in the past. According to various studies, video content is rapidly becoming the most popular method for companies to get their story and messages across. CEO Gurp Rai of droppTV has made a specific platform for people to do so. According to the article from Boss Magazine, droppTV’s platform is seen as revolutionary on many fronts by combining facets of e-commerce and entertainment.


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