How Pinnacle Hotels CEO Dr. Barry Lall went from doctor to hotelier

Dr Barry Lall is the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Hotels. Barry went from being a doctor to running one of the largest hotel chains in North America, and he’s now passed on his knowledge to other successful leaders. Barry became CEO at age 45 when he was appointed by the board as president and chief executive officer after serving as its senior vice president for operations (COO).

Barry has an MBA degree from Harvard University, which enabled him to understand how businesses work. Dr. Barry Lall also has extensive experience with healthcare management, having served as president and COO of St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix before joining Pinnacle Hotel.

Dr Barry Lall is also the publisher of Hospital Hotel News, which is a monthly publication designed to report on trends and developments in healthcare management. It includes economic forecasts, case studies, strategies for cost containment, information about potential legislation that could affect hospital operations and more.

Barry’s focus at Pinnacle Hotels is to build shareholder value by providing ethical leadership with the highest level of integrity, executing strategies for growth and development, assuring that all Pinnacle assets are managed to their full potential and developing creative strategies to improve profitability.

Barry is also actively involved in many humanitarian causes, including Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) which provides seminars and one-on-one help to women entrepreneurs. Barry has helped award deserving students with scholarships for education at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and funded research to find a cure for cancer.

Dr. Barry Lall has come far from his humble origins as one of eight children growing up on a farm, to becoming CEO of one of North America’s leading hotel chains. Dr. Lall attributes his success to a combination of personal discipline and the lessons he learned from his parents.

Dr. Barry Lall has come far from his humble beginnings growing up on a farm to becoming CEO of one of North America’s leading hotel chains. Go Here for related Information.