If You Think Qnet Is A Scam, You May Want To Take A Another Look

Qnet is an e-commerce company that has managed to bring direct selling opportunities to places without much experience with this business model. Most of their distributors are in Asia, Middle East and Africa. For people who want to start their own business, Qnet provides new entrepreneurs with all the resources that they need for success. However, many people still believe that Qnet is a scam, but let’s take another look.

It has been said that Qnet is the latest Ponzi scheme. Though, is it an accurate assessment? A Ponzi scheme, in simplest terms, takes from the newer investors and gives to the established investors. Qnet does not operate in this manner. Instead, Qnet is a direct selling model, and sellers earn money by selling Qnet products. There is no risk to the seller because they do not purchase merchandise. Qnet provides virtual assistance to sellers so they can easily track their sales. This is nothing like a Ponzi scheme.

Source: Wikipedia

So, if Qnet is not a Ponzi scheme, then it must be a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme constantly needs new investors to survive. The only way to make money is to enroll new investors. Pyramid schemes earn money from the number of investors that sign up. They do not earn money from the amount of product that is sold. Qnet does not operate that way. They are a direct selling company.

Qnet combines the best of two worlds. They combine direct selling with e-commerce, and people can become sales representatives or purchase projects for their use. Sale reps are given intense training to make sure they have the skills need to be successful. The program also ensures that new representatives will follow Qnet’s strict ethical values.

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