A Transit Summit In Williamson County Addresses Traffic Concerns

Recently a Williamson County Growth Summit was held to address traffic concerns in the communities surrounding Austin, Texas. The summit was held in order to identify what the concerns were and how best to address them.

The panel discussion that took place at the summit included Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). Other participants were the founder of Ridescout LLC, Joseph Kopser, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, and Leandre Johns who is the Texas External Affairs Director for Uber Technologies, Inc. The discussion centered on how technology is changing transportation across the globe.

Mike Heiliginstein said that while new technologies could change how transportation takes place, the key to ensuring effectively meeting the challenge of traffic is transportation capacity.

He said there needs to be more roads with more lanes and that incorporate smarter roads. The main problem in the greater Austin area is that most of the population growth is taking part in the suburbs with a lot of residents then commuting to work in the city.

Mike Heiligenstein also made the point that even though they’ve brought in a lot of infrastructure over the last 15 years it’s more than matched by more and more people choosing to live there. More road capacity has to be a large part of the solution.

Other panel members said that building use codes were going to have to change to accommodate technological advances. Uber’s representative said that his company could help by getting people to and from mass transit locations.

Heiligenstein again emphasized that due to population growth exceeding the abilities of mass transportation he envisioned two highways would need to be each expanded to 12 lanes.

The CTRMA is an independent government agency. It was formed in 2002 and the Governor of Texas chose Mike Heiligenstein as its Executive Director.

The first project the agency completed was 183A in Williamson county which features an all-electronic, cashless toll collection system. The agency is working on other toll projects in the area in order to meet the needs of citizens and businesses to ease traffic congestion.

In addition to his work at the CTRMA, He Mike Hiligenstein serves other transportation groups such as the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association as its President. Another organization he lends his expertise to is the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Advisory Board.

Whitney Wolfe Challenges Male Dating App Counterparts

Whitney Wolfe has taken considerable measures to make sure that she created an app that would be beneficial to women. She is totally changing the way that women look at the business world.

Dating apps have changed so much in the last couple of months because of what Whitney Wolfe has done. She created a space for where women actually have a say in the way to dating app is create. Her solo app Bumble has become a force to be reckoned with. She has made some changes to the industry by where the women actually make the first move. She wanted to do this for a long time, and it became obvious that this would be the thing that people talked about the most when they signed up for Bumble.

Bumble is free, but there are advertisements that allow Whitney Wolfe to make money with this app. There’s also a Bumble premium feature that is in place for Whitney Wolfe to generate income. This company is small, but it is growing in a very fantastic way thanks to the vision of Whitney Wolfe. She has decided to also extend this app to people that are interested in making friends and networking. Whitney Wolfe has a lot of great ideas and she is trying to build a social media platform that covers a wide spectrum of interests.

As someone that is under 30 years old, Whitney Wolfe is clearly just getting started. She has a great vision and a lot of ideas that can be utilized to revamp the dating world and totally revolutionize social media as a whole. Whitney Wolfe has challenged male entrepreneurs of dating apps and voiced that the dating scene needs change. She is all about innovation and hearing the voice of her dating app users.

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