Securus Technologies Is Making Summer Less Stressful

It is true that people experience stress during the wintertime. However, stress is a lot more evident in the summertime. This is due to the blazing temperatures that absorb our communities. It should be no surprise that prison inmates feel this stress 10 times worse than people on the outside.


Due to this, Securus Technologies is helping with this stress. They are doing this via their technology and also their hospitality. When it comes to their technology, they have made it easy for inmates to connect with their family members on a variety of levels. The new video-chat service offered by Securus makes sure a visit is never lost. Additionally, their new commissary technology allows family members to deposit funds into commissary accounts right from their own home. This alone is keeping the stress level down among millions of inmates and their family members.


Securus Technologies is even making headlines as it pertains to home plans for inmates granted permission to serve their sentence outside of prison walls. Before Securus, inmates were not able to call out of the state or country. Inmates were also not allowed to call cellphones because there was no way to track the location of the cellphone. Securus Technologies has made this all possible. This means inmates can connect with more family members and friends, which means they have a better chance at receiving a home plan.


Even children as young as 10 years old have left reviews on Securus’ website. These children thank Securus Technologies for allowing them to speak to their parents or another relative on days like Christmas. Other people have left reviews commenting on the great customer support provided by Securus at no extra charge. Securus must update its review page every hour. That is how many positive reviews get posted on their website on a daily basis.


Samuel Strauch A Socially Concious Real Estate Tycoon

Samuel Strauch is on a league of his own in terms of vision and how he operates his real estate company. Normally when you hear the words socially conscious they are not used to describe someone in business, especially not real estate.

Samuel Strauch a visionary
Samuel Strauch obtained his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York.

Shortly after he completed studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Howard University. After having success in banking he decided to join his family’s real estate business. What many know Samuel Strauch for is Metrik Holdings, a company he started from a vision he had when he first came to Miami, while a lot were still considering Miami a vacation spot Samuel Strauch envisioned a residential paradise where people can live, work and play.

Metrik Holdings a win-win company
Big company ideas come about when you envision something others might have over-looked or failed to act on, as is the case with Metrik Holdings. Samuel Strauch knew it was just a matter of time before people would start thinking of Miami as much more than a vacation spot. Today Miami is a full fledged metropolis with the advantage of the beach. Samuel capitalized on his international relationships of clients and investors and has built a real estate empire not only in Miami but in Latin America as well. Metrik Holdings is a full service real estate firm, a great benefit since most of us are looking for a one stop shop type of business. As a client whether you are purchasing or selling, they have a successful network of professionals to cover all bases of every transaction.

Samuel Strauch’s life philosophy of happiness and flow crosses over to his company’s culture. Samuel believes in life we must be open minded, creative and care about others and our communities in order to be truly happy. He focuses on leading a truly authentic happy life on a personal and professional level


Imran Haque – Offering Comprehensive Range of Services in the Area of Internal Medicine

Imran Haque is known to be one of the most sought after internists in the Ramseur and Asheboro region. He has studied internal medicine at the University of Virginia, and currently practices at his clinics in Asheboro and Ramseur. Horizon Internal Medicine clinics are located in Ramseur and Asheboro, and he serves to patients in the region and from the surrounding areas. Imran Haque is licensed to serve as a physician in North Carolina, and there is a broad range of services that the patients can avail at Horizon Internal Medicine, which includes Botox, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, Derma fillers, weight management, diabetes management, and more. Imran Haque also provides general treatment and physical examinations for a variety of health issues.


Imran Haque is immensely experienced in the field of medicine and can diagnose various health concerns. In certain cases where there is a need to consult a specialist, Imran Haque would refer the patients to the specialists for further treatment. Horizon Internal Medicine clinic is equipped with technology and tools to provide laboratory services as well as Ultrasound examination at the hospital itself. It helps Imran Haque to provide quick and seamless treatment to his clients. Horizon Internal Medicine clinic accepts all the major medical insurances, and a comprehensive list of medical insurances they accept is mentioned on their website.


One of the health issues that are widespread in the United States today is of obesity and diabetes. As people lead an unhealthy and erratic lifestyle with bad food habits, the weight would certainly increase with time and can cause many other health problems. It is where the need to consult with a renowned weight management expert such as Imran Haque becomes essential. He has helped hundreds of patients to manage and reduce their weight and get rid of unwanted health issues and control diabetes at the same time for patients who are suffering from diabetes as well. Not taking corrective measures at the right time under the guidance of the expert like Imran Haque can be life threatening. Imran Haque would suggest various exercise, lifestyle changes, special diet, medicines, and more, which would collectively help in ensuring that weight is controlled and lowered over a period.


One other service that Imran Haque is popularly known for providing includes 360 resurfacing and laser hair removal. People who tied with a busy routine and not able to provide their health and skin as much time and care as needed end up asking for 360 resurfacing services. It helps in rejuvenating the skin in a very efficient manner and potently revives its health. The skin tightening is also done with the support of 360 resurfacing services. For patients who are looking to tighten their skin and give it that youthful look, Botox is a preferred option.


Imran Haque has extensive experience in the field of internal medicine and keeps himself updated with the latest technology and techniques in the field to provide better services to his patients. He ensures that the treatment is completed in a minimally invasive manner in as fewer sessions as possible for the convenience of the patients.