Samuel Strauch is on a league of his own in terms of vision and how he operates his real estate company. Normally when you hear the words socially conscious they are not used to describe someone in business, especially not real estate.

Samuel Strauch a visionary
Samuel Strauch obtained his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York.

Shortly after he completed studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Howard University. After having success in banking he decided to join his family’s real estate business. What many know Samuel Strauch for is Metrik Holdings, a company he started from a vision he had when he first came to Miami, while a lot were still considering Miami a vacation spot Samuel Strauch envisioned a residential paradise where people can live, work and play.

Metrik Holdings a win-win company
Big company ideas come about when you envision something others might have over-looked or failed to act on, as is the case with Metrik Holdings. Samuel Strauch knew it was just a matter of time before people would start thinking of Miami as much more than a vacation spot. Today Miami is a full fledged metropolis with the advantage of the beach. Samuel capitalized on his international relationships of clients and investors and has built a real estate empire not only in Miami but in Latin America as well. Metrik Holdings is a full service real estate firm, a great benefit since most of us are looking for a one stop shop type of business. As a client whether you are purchasing or selling, they have a successful network of professionals to cover all bases of every transaction.

Samuel Strauch’s life philosophy of happiness and flow crosses over to his company’s culture. Samuel believes in life we must be open minded, creative and care about others and our communities in order to be truly happy. He focuses on leading a truly authentic happy life on a personal and professional level