The Orange Coast College is boasting some very impressive teams when it comes to the men’s crew team. The Orange Coast Pirates have become quite impressive this year with wins in the Newport Regatta. The Pirates have also managed to pull out a win on the UCLA Bruins. This is has made a lot of people that are into athletics pay attention to what the Orange Coast College Pirate Athletics are doing.


There are a lot of students that are attending the Orange Coast College that are part of the athletic program. The men are not the only crew team that are giving spectators something to talk about. On the Orange Coast there are also quite a few women in sports that are doing some newsworthy things. The women’s crew for the Orange Coast is quite athletic as well. These ladies have been giving people a lot to talk about because they have claimed the Collins Cup this year. This has been the fifth year in the row that the women have been able to claim this Collins Cup. They have been able to claim this trophy for the 5th time around because of the atheism of team members like Ashely DeClerck and Sophie Blair. They have been able to provide the team with a win in a close race.


This team has been able take the second place for the San Diego Crew Classic. This team has been able to do some astounding things again this year because many of these women are the same team members from last year. This buzz has managed to grow about the Orange Coast Pirates because this team is exciting in a lot of different sports.


The women’s tennis team has won the CCCAA State Championships. The men’s volleyball team has also won the seventh state championship. Sports is a big thing for Orange Coast College. More than 25,000 students attend this college, and it has become one of the largest community colleges in the United States. Many people are drawn to this large campus that has a lot of fields of study.


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