Bob Reina, the proud founder of Talk Fusion, recently explained why every business needs to use Talk Fusion software. Bob gave this explanation in Tampa Bay on a morning television broadcast. Bob directly went into how the Talk Fusion software allows business owners to make videos of their products and send them to clients and potential clients. He also gave relief telling the audience and viewers that the Talk Fusion software comes with complete and easy instructions. These instructions will tell a business owner how to create videos, add voices and music to them, and send them out through email.


By name, Bob Reina discussed several businesses that have been using Talk Fusion for some time now, and all of these businesses either doubled or tripled in customers. Bob explained this is the science of people seeing the product in action rather than just reading about it. Bob also explained how one email will do the trick. Regardless of how long the video is, the Talk Fusion software will be able to condense the file so it can be sent directly to an email address without ever having to use a web cloud service. Learn more:


Talk Fusion got its start almost 15 years ago. Bob Reina wanted to reach out to his older family members better through email, and he wanted to do this by using videos. This was a disaster because his family members were not able to open the email majority of the time due to the file being too big. Moreover, Bob’s elderly family members did not have adequate knowledge in web-cloud applications. This pushed Bob Reina to build a platform where videos can be sent through email with no hassle in opening the file. Luckily, Bob was able to find over two dozen people who shared and even invested in his vision.