Talk Fusion is a brand of software that has made it easier for people to communicate. This has become one of the most interesting video chat communication platforms around. People are using this worldwide, and that has made it the number one company for people that need real-time video chat. This is great for companies that may have never assumed that it would be possible to have the crisp and clear video solutions that Talk Fusion provides.


This company has grown in a tremendous way because video chat is only one of many other solutions that this company brings the light. Consumers that are looking for a chance to dive into video email will also notice that Talk Fusion has solutions for this.


It was the company that went against the grain to defy what could not be done by doing this through email. Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, and the idea came about when he was told by his ISP – which was AOL at the time – that videos through email were not feasible. For an email document this was not something that was possible to do. Reina could have easily taken this as something that was just not going to be possible. He did not do this, however, because he knew that there was going to be a need for this one day. He believed that people would have an interest in this if he could just bring this to fruition.


This was a bold step for Bob Reina to take because he was not someone that had a technology background. Bob had a focus in criminal justice. This is what he went to college for ( He did have friends in technology, however, that were willing to help him and create a path to video email. They came up with the concept and pitched this as the starting product for Talk Fusion. This will become a success, and it would lead to many more successful endeavors. Bob Reina would prove that video email and real-time video chat where things that people were passionate about.