Gregory Aziz Will Make Sure His Company Succeeds For Generations

Gregory James Aziz has served National Steel Car Ltd faithfully as their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. During his time as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, he turned National Steel Car Ltd into a giant business that the rail sector had to reckon with.

Greg James Aziz was born and was raised in the Canadian province of Ontario in a city known as Hamilton. He studied at Western University where he received a degree in economics, as well as the respect of his professors. He would incorporate the wisdom he learned here to National Steel Car Ltd and thus guarantee that they would do over 100 years of business.


Greg Aziz has the honor of being at the helm of National Steel Car Ltd when they crossed over their mark of one century in business. While everybody was celebrating, he was brainstorming ways to ensure that they would be able to continue for another 100 years. As Greg Aziz examined his business, he saw that many things needed to change immediately if this was to happen.


The first thing he had to do was begin innovating. Gregory James Aziz saw change on the horizon, and that change was not good for the rail industry. The continent of North America, especially the United States and Canada, was becoming more nature-friendly and green. It was only a matter of time before new legislation was passed that severely limited the rail industry. Greg Aziz knew that he could wait until it was too late and die, or he could prepare for that change and thrive. He immediately began making preparations.


Greg Aziz called his executives together and convinced them they needed to get ahead of this. To do so, he put the Research and Development into a prominent position in the company. He tasked them with making a rail car that could go further, faster, and use less emission. They told him it was impossible. He responded it was their job. See This Article for more information.


Three years later, the R&D department brought him a car that could carry 50% more weight while going 25% faster and using 90% fewer emissions. Four months after this car was produced, Canada passed stricter laws governing emissions and the only company who could operate turned out to be National Steel Car Ltd. This change not only saved the company but returned it to its spot of prominence.