Gregory Aziz And The Secret To His Success

We have so many comprehensive articles and bio about Greg James Aziz online, but how many of them can we read without wasting so much time? How do we make sure that we can have the energy to read them all without getting enervated? This article will try to address that. We will discuss in this article only the relevant information about Greg Aziz, that will make a difference in your research about him. Let’s start!

  1. James Aziz: The Businessman

James Aziz, also known as Greg, is serving as National Industries, Inc.’s CEO, as well as National Steel Car Limited’s Chief Executive Officer. Being the CEO of National Steel Car for over 23 years now has made Greg one of the top leaders in the global industry. Which doesn’t stop Greg from pursuing more. In fact, Greg is constantly challenging himself to raise the bar so high, that only the excellent ideas get to stay in his company.


The secret of Greg Aziz in making sure that he still stays successful is by always focusing his and his company’s strengths on finding ways to make things more efficient without compromising the cost of operations. Because Greg belongs in the freight car and rail industry, he also tries to make sure that the technology he brings to the market will be meaningful, economically viable and ethically produced. The broad sense of purpose that he has for his company is indeed the foundation that he brings to make sure that his people work harder and find meaning in their lives.

Another focus of Greg Aziz in his career is to make sure that the customers he serves are satisfied by the high-quality standards for railcars that he brings. With a delivery rating that’s quite unmatched in the industry, Greg indeed finds a way to always stay on top amid the competition. Greg does this by simply making sure that the railroad company he’s built always has an ISO 9001:2008 performance score. This rating assures the customers that he can only bring the best types of freight cars in the market today.


  1. Educational Background


In addition to the experience Greg had, the excellent service he brings to the market may be because of his educational background. Greg went to Western University to study Economics. It is in that institution that he was able to build a strong foundation for his later career.

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