Food processing company the OSI Group’s COO and president David McDonald was born in Iowa and has long held an interest in biology. McDonald was hired by after he graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in animal science in 1987. Over the years, McDonald’s role with the company has grown in importance and he has been given some very important responsibilities. His talent, knowledge and discipline has enabled him to excel in every task he has been assigned. His family owned a farm and that has also given David McDonald unique insight and understanding of what it takes to be successful in the food industry.

David McDonald maintains a close relationship with his alma mater Iowa State University. He’s involved in ISU’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, supports internship opportunities for ISU students at the OSI Group and arranged for several ISU students to visit the OSI Group’s facilities in China in 2011. One of those students now works with the company. David McDonald also donates to the ISU scholarship fund through his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho. His two oldest children attend Iowa State University. In 2004, the ISU Alumni Association gave David McDonald their Young Alumni Award.

Along with his work and responsibilities at the OSI Group, David McDonald is also board chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Part of the reason he was chosen for the position was the decades he spent with the OSI Group and his experience with the international meat processing industry. McDonald has played an important role in the OSI Group’s global expansion. Since he joined the company, they’ve opened facilities in India and Australia and become China’s largest poultry distributor. McDonald is director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited which is located in Australia.

Part of the difficult job David McDonald has to do is maintain a logistics team able to handle a constantly evolving international market. He works closely with local marketers and customers to ensure things flow smoothly and their needs are met and to establish dynamic partnerships. McDonald explained that to succeed the company must understand the customer base, deliver products they want, gain their trust and become one with the local culture. His biggest challenge is dealing with global infrastructure and technical issues.

David McDonald said reading ‘Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective’ has provided him with helpful theoretical insights and practical advice he’s used in business interactions.