At the start of a new year, many individuals make the personal resolution to save and invest more money. The stock market out performed all expectations in 2017 and many investors showed very high returns. A number of these investors belong to The Oxford Club, a private network of investors and entrepreneurs that provides members with unique investment strategies and opportunities.

On New Years Day of this year, Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, wrote an article giving equity investors advise on earning higher returns this year, regardless of the market’s performance. His advise comes in the form of three steps: save more, cut your investment costs and rebalance your portfolio.

The first step, save more, means being sure that you’re putting as much money aside as possible for the future. Individuals who are having a hard time finding money to save may be able to stretch their dollars by cutting unnecessary expenses and living below their means. Almost half of Americans have saved less than $25,000 for retirement, and 25% of Americans have put less than $1,000 aside. One of the few ways to make sure you’re living comfortably once retired is to save as much as you can now.

The second is cut your investment costs. Green says that in the case of investment advisers you don’t necessarily get what you pay for-it is actually the opposite. The higher your investment fees, the less money you make.

The third and last piece of advise given is rebalance your portfolio. In order to rebalance a portfolio, you should sell the investments that have made the most money and reinvest the proceeds into investment asset classes that have not shown much growth. By selling high and buying low you not only reduce your risk but add to your long-term returns as well. Members of The Oxford Club use a variety of investment strategies to create tax-smart portfolios without taking on a high amount of risk.