Robert Thikoll – Working With The Human Factor

In October 2014, Mr. Robert Thikoll took the position of Vice President of Operational Excellence at Ingersall Rand. This is a company that is dedicated to providing environments that are efficient, comfortable, and sustainable. He attended Arizona State University and Nanzan University where he earned bachelor degrees in Japanese and Political Science and also minored in Asian Studies. He has worked for the Aisin Takaoka Company, Intat Precision (a subsidiary of Aisin Takaoka) and Beckman Colter/ Danaher where he was the Vice president of their global operations. He has also worked in a Toyota Tier One Factory as an operator.

Robert believes that only by aligning your team can help you solve problems and achieve the vision you are striving for. Despite the expansion of technology, he believes that the success of an individual depends on how they interact with others and in developing relationships. He considers daily management as key to plotting where you want your business to go. He prefers to find out what problems a new team is attempting to solve and then adjusting his methods to help them.

Robert believes that everyone can be an expert in problem solving. Different organizations and businesses will have their own dynamics but you still need to lead by example and push the limits.

When he lived in Japan, he learned to appreciate the concepts of teamwork, hard work, and the importance of all team members giving each other support. It was always important to respect the employees, who in turn would do their best for the customers.

Robert believes that “lean thinking” should be a priority for large companies in all aspects of their business. He stays current on business trends by attending expositions and consortiums in different countries. This affords him experience and information that helps him in his position.

The Mindframe of Nathaniel Ru

Many people are going to take a look at what Nathaniel Ru has been doing for the healthy food industry. He is someone that has really taking the world by storm with his Sweetgreen restaurant franchise. There is no doubt that he will become one of the major players in the alternative fast food industry because he has solidified himself as a powerful force in the area of eating healthy. Learn more:


Many people are becoming accustomed to eating healthier because they have access to a better restaurant like Sweetgreen. This is definitely something that has been in the works for a long time, but Nathaniel Ru has finally put together a great way to keep people interested in what he is doing with this healthy food alternative.


The biggest challenge that Nathaniel faced in his early conception of Sweetgreen was the effort to bring fresh vegetables into the establishment. He had to put the building in a place where he will be within close facility of a farmer. This would give him the chance to bring the fresh fruits and vegetables that he was visualizing for Sweetgreen. On the back end there was also a decision that had to be made in terms of pricing. He knew that he would be paying more then his other leaders in fast food for the vegetables that he was up painting. He realized that in order to get fresh food into the restaurant that there would definitely be a higher price scale in place. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru has been able to become very successful in the business world because he has become aware of what consumers are looking for. He wanted to bring healthy food choices to the mainstream, but he also wanted to make it affordable for anyone that was planning to eat healthy. This is what he has managed to do with the meals that are presented through the various Sweetgreen restaurant franchises. Many of the meals are not much more than the options that exist on other fast food menus. It has taken this type of new mindframe to build up a very different restaurant that puts healthy eating first.


Nathaniel Ru has definitely been someone that has transformed the fast food industry. He has not brought the Sweetgreen establishments to every neck of the woods just yet, but there definitely is potential for this. all me a alternative to fast food. Learn more here: