Dick DeVos’ Commitment to Supporting Communities

Dick DeVos is a renowned business mogul who is currently based in Michigan. He also a philanthropist and has been involved in a broad array of activities. DeVos has been on the front line in supporting the actions of the Republic Party. He is the husband of the U.S. secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. The couple has been working together through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to support Christian-based missions, school vouchers, justice, and leadership. Dick was born into a wealthy family and his father, Richard DeVos, is the founder of Amway. His family also owns the Orlando Magic basketball club that plays in the NBA. Richard’s net worth is estimated to be about $5.1 billion, and he has been listed by Forbes as the 88th wealthiest individual in the United States.


Amway is a renowned global firm that deals with the manufacture and distribution of health products. In 2016, the company generated approximately $9.5 billion. Dick DeVos served an employee of Amway as from 1979 and be became the vice president in 1984. In 1991, his family acquired Orlando Magic, and he was offered an opportunity to act as its president and CEO. Dick led the club for two years before joining efforts with his wife to establish the Windquest Group.


DeVos has been in politics for years. In 2006, the Republican Party nominated him as its candidate for the Michigan gubernatorial position. During the campaigns, he promised the residents that he would regulate taxes to create a conducive environment for business. Dick competed for the office with the Democratic Party candidate, Governor Jennifer Granholm, who later won. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce was pleased with his manifesto and endorsed him as the best person for the job.


The entrepreneur has been on the front line in bringing reforms to the U.S education sector. His family foundation has dedicated millions of dollar to supporting charter schools so that they can offer the best education to American children. He is the co-founder of the Education Freedom Fund, a foundation that has been striving to give grants and scholarships to less privileged children. Dick and his wife want to ensure that all American have an opportunity of attending the best learning institutions. In 2016, the total donation of the couple was $11.6 million and $3 million of the amount was dedicated to the education sector. Their generosity has made it easy for children from poor backgrounds to enroll in good schools.


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