Securus Technologies Is Making Summer Less Stressful

It is true that people experience stress during the wintertime. However, stress is a lot more evident in the summertime. This is due to the blazing temperatures that absorb our communities. It should be no surprise that prison inmates feel this stress 10 times worse than people on the outside.


Due to this, Securus Technologies is helping with this stress. They are doing this via their technology and also their hospitality. When it comes to their technology, they have made it easy for inmates to connect with their family members on a variety of levels. The new video-chat service offered by Securus makes sure a visit is never lost. Additionally, their new commissary technology allows family members to deposit funds into commissary accounts right from their own home. This alone is keeping the stress level down among millions of inmates and their family members.


Securus Technologies is even making headlines as it pertains to home plans for inmates granted permission to serve their sentence outside of prison walls. Before Securus, inmates were not able to call out of the state or country. Inmates were also not allowed to call cellphones because there was no way to track the location of the cellphone. Securus Technologies has made this all possible. This means inmates can connect with more family members and friends, which means they have a better chance at receiving a home plan.


Even children as young as 10 years old have left reviews on Securus’ website. These children thank Securus Technologies for allowing them to speak to their parents or another relative on days like Christmas. Other people have left reviews commenting on the great customer support provided by Securus at no extra charge. Securus must update its review page every hour. That is how many positive reviews get posted on their website on a daily basis.


Securus Technologies, the Largest American Prison Technology Company

Securus Technologies Inc. is the leading American provider of criminal and civil justice technology that assist prison facilities to improve the incarceration environment.


Securus Technologies Positive Impact

According to Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, the company develops new services or products once a week to help officials in the law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes. Also, the company receives positive feedback from the inmates and their families through emails and letters. The technology company has drawn up specific references to counties, states as well as facility names to help protect the people who are innocent.


Selected Customer Comments on the use of Securus Technologies

On October 21, 2016, the company published several comments from the facility’s clients on the use of its technology to help prevent and solve crimes. Here is a small sample of email communications and formal letters that we received from jail and prison officials across regions in the United States.

“I wanted to inform you that we used the phone calls as a source of information to obtain a search warrant for the staff member who was corrupt. The staff member was arrested introducing contraband. Thanks to the staff at Securus for assisting me with this case.”

“In my opinion, The LBS services is the main reason why we continue to use Securus. The Lbs software has assisted the sheriff’s department to recover drugs and illegal assets.”


Background on Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas but across North America, it serves more than three thousand four hundred and fifty corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies with over 1,200,000 inmates.


Securus is the leading phone provider for jails that commits itself to provide public information on emergency response and incident management to make the world a better and safer place. In case you want to learn more about technology solutions for criminal and civil justice, I would advise you to visit