Jake Medwell Points Out Some Common Roadblocks With Infrastructure Reform

It can take a lot of work to make sense of what’s going on in the halls of government. We often encounter situations that seem straightforward at first. However, it’s only until years after a law, bill or package passes that we see we were mistaken. That’s why the explanations of experts like Jake Medwell are so important. Jake offers tremendous insight in deciphering what the government really means when writing out legal documents.

For example, at the moment there’s a lot of discussion over American’s infrastructure. This typically comes up when discussing roadways, shipping and similar topics. Almost anyone would assume that this talk of infrastructure was in relation to roadways. However, Jake points out that the term infrastructure can often refer to social infrastructure rather than physical infrastructure.

This distinction often muddies attempts to improve road systems and the like. For example, in the past few decades, we’ve seen projects assumed to dedicate 100% of funds to road infrastructure. But they actually dedicate less than 5%. What’s more, this situation is even more confusing for the fact that democrats and republicans both want bipartisan action, while finding a compromise to be a quite different matter.

The main reason for the difficulty comes from each party’s focus. Republicans are heavily focused on physical infrastructure. However, they’re generally against increasing taxes to fund those actions. While Democrats are usually more open to funding through taxation. But the Democrats are also more likely to view infrastructure in a social sense. This leads to a general problem with communication. Jake suggests that this impasse may well take years to come to a set conclusion. As such, he advises interested parties to move forward without any assumptions that infrastructure packages will be approved in the near future.

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