Laura Rea Dickey, Drive In Dickey Barbecue Restaurants Is On Top

In an article entitled “We are passionate about the art of great barbecue.”: Laura Rea Dickey”, The Dickey’s Restaurant CEO states that the restaurant has a strong sense of history, family and competition-style barbecue, where it’s all about the food. Laura tell folks about their story and explain to them who they are and what they’re been doing for 78 years, that brings an authenticity that doesn’t just attract folks to the brand, it’s also what them apart.”

Achieving is the ultimate goal for any business or company to grow. The leaders must be willing to take significant steps and think outside the box to be on the competitive edge in the industry. Dickey Barbecue Restaurant has navigated from its initial foundation as a family business to a global household in the food industry. Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant undertook radical changes to incorporate the growth in the market. Laura Rea Dickey was once in the IT department overseeing the innovation taking place.

Through her presence, the company as the Chief Executive officer saw tremendous changes through technological adversities. The Dickey Barbecue Restaurant is rolling on flexibility and filling any gaps of cutting costs to minimize the utilities used through her deep in-depth.

Laura Rea Dickey also branded the company through extensive training of its employees. The demand became too high to act for the company pioneered a third-party delivery program that would see its consumers needs to be catered. The sales mainly would be made through the digital channels making everything be done online.

Laura Rea Dickey has also incorporated technology, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; the company was ranked among the first to use contactless delivery. They also undertook the mantle to donate some of their sale proceeds to the frontline workers during the pandemic.

Dickey Barbeque Restaurant is not giving up at any moment as the evolving insights are already on the table to make its growth even bigger. The company has over five hundred locations internationally and the among the world’s largest barbecue provider. Refer to this page for additional information.

With the insight and roles in the company for over twenty years, Laura Rea has created a rich profile globally, winning herself many awards and honors. She is a woman leader who is a role model to many by the love for food and technology.


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