Making Diamonds with Memories: Eterneva

In Austin, TX, one company is changing how society has generally viewed death. Around 2016 Adelle Archer and Garret Ozar launched Eterneva; the startup was meant to address an empathetic problem that has gone unnoticed for as long as humans have existed. The idea to start the company was stumbled upon by Adelle when she took responsibility for her deceased friend’s ashes. At the time, she was still in shock of the loss and felt compelled to honour her friend as best she could.

Adelle Archer has always been active in topics related to impacting lives; at one point, she studied politics and spent some time working in the tech industry doing sales and marketing. During this period, she was approached by one of her friends to consult on some marketing strategies. The project was dealing with lab-grown diamonds, so shortly after the death of Adelle’s friend Tracy. One of the scientists sparked an innovative concept when they mentioned to Adelle that human ashes have traces of carbon; diamonds are made from carbon.

Eterneva is meant to give people a lasting memory of their loved ones after they have passed. For them, a loved one can be a person or a pet. Either way, when someone loses something meaningful in their life, it is easy to slip into a negative state of mind. Adelle Archer believes that something as valuable as a diamond can play a pivotal role in how people deal with grief. She intends to give an anchor item that lasts forever and constantly reminds a person of the great memories instead of pain. She uses technology to create that essential impact on people’s lives that helps them during times of sadness and lost hope.

The best thing about diamonds is that they are easily portable, so the owner has a piece of their loved one everywhere they go. Future generating will be more willing to accept a diamond than the ashes of a passed relative. Connect: