Pam Baer’s Charitable Activities And Her Achievements Over The Years

Pam Baer is a successful business lady and philanthropist from San Francisco. Most of her businesses are located in the city. She also lives there with Larry Baer, who is her husband. Many people know her because of her charitable work, which Pam spends most of her time doing. She is also the supervisor of various charitable institutions.

Pamela Baer was born and raised in Texas. She also schooled there up to the high studies level, where she took a financial course. Later, Pam got married and relocated to New York City. Before Pam ventured into the business industry, she worked in the financial industry for several years, where she acquired great experience, which she used when starting her business.

In addition, Pam Baer had a passion for giving back to society. So, when she established a business, she started helping the less fortunate near her workplace. Pam Baer started promoting the welfare of others at a tender age. However, her passion was unnoticed. It only came to the limelight when her son was ill after suffering from a severe accident and was taken for treatment at a hospital in San Francisco. Pamela was so glad by how the doctors committed themselves to save her son’s life. Therefore, she decided to appreciate their effort by helping the healthcare institution.

She collaborated with San Francisco General Hospital Foundation in different charitable projects for several years. Then, about three years ago, she decided to resign, but she is still assisting the hospital whenever they need her help.

Among the charity projects Pamela Baer worked on includes; she planned to fundraise money for the SFGH foundation. It succeeded, and the money they obtained assisted the hospital in different projects. Another successful project is a boutique she established in 2014. It sells various crafts and accessories. Then, she uses the profit she gets to support the needy. See this page to learn more.


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