Ross Levinsohn’s Career As A Distinguished Businessman

Ross LevinsohnAs a businessman who’s well ahead of the pack, Ross Levinsohn is an inspiring entrepreneur. With a professional background in communications, marketing, and technology, Levinsohn has earned a reputation as a multifaceted mogul. From HBO and Yahoo to CBS SportsLine and Fox Interactive Media, Levinsohn’s worked for several major corporations. With each experience came exciting opportunities for Levinsohn to diversify himself, resulting in one success story after another.

While Levinsohn’s served at the helm of numerous elite businesses, he’s also been the CEO of his own company. After decades of gleaning industry knowledge, Levinsohn sought out solo success. With his tremendous insights, Levinsohn wanted to build an empire that would empower fellow businesspeople. As a result, he established a strategic advisory firm called Whisper Advisors. Following this pursuit, Levinsohn was employed by Tribune Publishing, Thryv, and Sports Illustrated.

In 2019, when Levinsohn was hired as the CEO of Sports Illustrated, he saw a lot of room for improvement. Not wanting to waste time, he got down to brass tacks, tackling financial shortcomings and daily challenges head-on. Not only did this bring Sports Illustrated into great prosperity, but it also allowed them to serve their audience better. Moreover, with Levinsohn’s guidance, Sports Illustrated enhanced its editorial operations and generated higher subscription revenues.

Levinsohn’s working the same kind of magic at Maven. When welcomed to Maven’s team in 2020, Levinsohn knew that the company was in dire need of new leadership. Fortunately, Levinsohn’s done an excellent job turning Maven around, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future. Though Ross Levinsohn has accomplished much over the years, his career is still growing by leaps and bounds.