Sam Jejurikar Is Using State of the Art Technology To Help achieve their ideal weight

Sam Jejurikar is using some of the latest technological breakthroughs to help people achieve a true realization of their perfect selves. One example of this can be found in his arm lift surgery procedure.

Most women have seen the “bat wing” phenomenon before. It happens when skin on the upper arm becomes loose, flabby and prone to shaking.  However, it’s also becoming extremely common as more and more people succeed with weight loss goals. The condition itself can come about through a number of different avenues. But the underlying problem tends to be similar in all of these scenarios.

Basically, skin is stretched out due to the presence of extra mass. That mass might be youthful muscle or excess fat. But no matter what it is, when that mass goes away the stretched skin will often remain. Most women dread it as a sign of aging. But it’s also a rather unfortunate prize for people who’ve managed to lose an impressive amount of weight. What’s more, there’s really not much anyone can do about it on their own. But thankfully, Sam Jejurikar of Dallas can fix it with a procedure known as an arm lift.

Sam Jejurikar performs the operation under general anesthesia. It can be performed in one of two ways. The less invasive form is known as a mini arm lift or mini-brachioplasty. An incision is made in just the armpit and upper arm. In a full arm lift, the incision goes from armpit all the way to the elbow around the arm’s inner aspect. Excess skin is removed in both, and some fat might be removed through liposuction