The Competitive Nature Of Min-Liang Tan Leads To Massive Success

When Min-Liang Tan is Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire, who is asked about the source of his success, he attributes it to one thing; competitiveness. Many wonders how a lawyer ended up as one of the most successful gamers in the world. Min-Liang Tan started the gaming venture in 2005, intending to bring competitiveness to other existing gamers.

To pursue his venture, Tan teamed up with Robert Krakoff, and together they founded Razers. So as to compete as the initial aim was, Tan, together with his partner, has to come with Razer’s very first product, which led to the creation of the Boomslang Mouse.

Upon having Boomslang Mouse in the market, Min-Liang Tanned embarked on a competitive journey. Tan says that Razers has gone on to create an entire ecosystem in gaming from building a single mouse. While the company would have just stopped its ventures at its first mouse, the mouse instead made him more aggressive.

Razer now ventures into several other businesses, with the upcoming one being a Razer Banking License. The gaming spirit is one of the motivating factors of Tan; just like in gaming, someone is always anticipating the next challenge; in Razer, he is always anticipating the next challenge.

Finally, in 2017, Razer, which has all along been a private company, went public. From this, the Razer CEO raised $529 million. For Tan and his company, forging ahead at all times is like a rule. There is always a next level that can be achieved in any business; that is what he always goes for.

Min-Liang Tan’s background

Tan, the billionaire, did not study gaming in school; rather, he went to school to study Law. He even studied Law to the master’s level. This former student of the National University of Singapore is a billionaire now recognized in Singapore and across the world because of his contribution to the gaming world. See this page for additional information.


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