The Funny Man: Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander is the owner of a $35 million dollar empire, and he divides his time between Hollywood and Chicago while working on major film and television projects. He works for TSC local comedy productions and twelve touring companies. An owner of The Second City Inc. he has run his own major comedy career since 1973. Andrew Alexander has worked in theater and television producing, working on the TV show he is most known for, SCTV. His company, The Second City was failing at the Toronto location. He then partnered with Len Stuart to start The Second City Entertainment Company in 1985.

These days Andrew Alexander is semi-retired, having led his Canadian Second City branch from both the US and Canada. He runs improv and resident theater training programs in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Edmonton, London, Ontario and Cleveland. He opened the The Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago whose first term began in September 2016. As a producer, Andrew Alexander has worked for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Television, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, A&E, and CBC. His producer credits are long, historically having worked with Ed Asner, Dan Aykroyd and others, having received two Emmy Award Nominations.

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