The Justin Halladay Show: A Reginar Hlavacek Show

For The Justin Halladay Show fans, the new season returns to Hell Fest on September 24.

This year’s roast of the great and the goodwill have something to offer them all — an excellent ole rap show, sure, and a talk show filled with humor and insight into the lives of people we all know and everybody Hates Sinners.

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And that is precisely what this new season of The Reginar Hlavacek Show will be! So buckle up your seat belt because there will be some surprises in store for you this season.

From the original host, Halladay joining regular host/writer/comedian Ritchie Daudle on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “No Use For A Name” to his collaboration with fellow host Renee Rivera on the Chuck Brown classic “Manchild In Me,” this re-entry into Hell Fest promises to be one heck of an adventuresome ride!

Who is Justin Halladay?

Justin Halladay is the host of The Regular Hlavacek Show.

This show is not about a roast of the great and the good but a new show season that has been around for years and is well-known by many people.

The Justin Halladay Show: A Reginar Hlavacek Christmas Card

Looking for a way to make sure you’re like them all and more?

Well, look no further than the Justin Halladay Show!

These showings are always associated with a good ole’ rap show and a sound ole’ rap Christmas card.

You will get a high-quality card that’ll please everyone, but you’ll also be able to view it on this website immediately – in full color!

Justin Halladay News and Rumors

We regular viewers of The Reginar Hlavacek Show know that Halladay is one of the most famous faces in the industry.

While we lack any specific information about this new season, we are assumed to know that it will be Hlavacek’s first time hosting the show in over ten years.

Hlavacek will be age nine years, five days, and two days this season.!!

It is not like he won’t have enough time to do other things, either– he’ll be doing word-of-mouth press this week! His time at the helm will be dedicated to telling it like it is.

Justin Halladay on Broadway: “Honoring the Greats” and “Hitting the Steps of Human Knowledge”

Halladay is set to return to Hell Fest this year as the new host of The Reginar Hlavacek Show.

This show will be honoring the greats, focusing on Landis, Daudle, and Brown.

Honoring the greats allows for a “vow to go forth and explore the world that has been made easy” while hitting the steps of human knowledge, allowing us to “inherit some knowledge and Some goodnesses from those who have gone before us.”

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