The North Face CMO Steve Lesnard makes the move to Sephora

The North Face CMO Steve Lesnard is moving on to beauty brand Sephora as the Global Chief Brand Officer. The experience of Lesnard may prove invaluable to Sephora as his prior endeavors and goals closely align with Sephora’s vision. During his time as CMO of The North Face, Lesnard lead a team on a campaign to “Reset Normal” which was a $7M dollar project to address racial inequity in outdoor athletics.

Steve Lesnard | People on The Move - Portland Business Journal

Part of Sephora’s vision is a commitment to diversity and inclusion in beauty. Steve Lesnard spent a great deal of his career managing multiple international teams. Sephora is working towards a global presence and convenience for their consumers through omnichannel initiatives as well as expanding via mini-storefronts in Kohl’s retail locations.

Steve Lesnard the CMO and Global VP of Product Creation at The North Face Joins the Product Talk Podcast

During his time as the CMO of The North Face, Steve Lesnard also lead multiple collaboration efforts with Gucci to create new outdoor inspired luxury outfits which were both functional and luxurious. This could potentially lead to some very interesting possibilities with his efforts at Sephora.

With his 25 years of marketing and product creation experience across many brands, Steve Lesnard and Sephora have a promising future together. Lesnard has a tendency to innovate and disrupt the industry on a consistent basis, as well Sephora is adapting and changing the way business is done in beauty.

Steve Lesnard clearly stated his vision with Sephora to be to “expand our omnichannel experience, to create consistent brand identity, and to establish clear best practices for growing the brand.” Lesnard plans to take his experience with The North Face to Sephora to make the brand even more desirable