The Truth About QNET E-commerce Firm

Several firms are shifting to the direct way of selling and e-commerce. The direct form of selling is currently taking over. QNET e-commerce firm based in China is one of the top-notch firms that have found this form of selling very beneficial. With over a decade being in the market, it has managed to get its market in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. A number of direct selling firms are being established in Africa, with over 44% of companies in Asia exploiting this form of trade.

Entrepreneurs have seen the need to exploit direct selling strategies. Therefore, it is clear and concise that over 90% of firms will be venturing into e-commerce and direct selling in the next coming years. Countries with the highest level of unemployment cases need to take advantage of this strategy. We will give an example of Asia’s origin firm that has managed to thrive as an e-commerce company. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, QNET has exercised good managerial skills. There have been ongoing allegations that the firm faces fraud cases and that it uses that pyramid scheme. QNET, based in China, is a leading firm known for e-commerce and direct selling. The strategy the firm operates in selling its products is the multi-level marketing form.

The primary founders of QNET are Bismarck Joseph and Vijay Eswaran. When establishing this firm, the two were the leading distributors in America and the Philippines. At the time of establishment, the QNET firm was known as GoldQuest. It started by selling few products. As time went by, they expanded, diversified, and started selling more products. The world began shifting its attention towards this e-commerce firm. It got more customers and developed a good reputation in Asia, Middle East, and China. It continues to thrive as a leading e-commerce firm because of its uniqueness and quality of services and products

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