Understanding The Life of Matthew Fleeger and the Dallas-based Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a renowned entrepreneur in an oil and gas venture based in Texas. The oil venture is called Gulf Coast Western that for the past four decades, it has been drastically growing.

The company has survived several busts and booms in the lucrative gas and oil sector in the South Central and Gulf Coast regions. Gulf Coast Western has accrued a formidable stature for honoring the contracts with the partners and investors. Any player in the relevant sector understands Matthew Fleeger’s in instigating expansion for the company in the corporate horizons.

The venture has had unique expansion initiatives in acquiring half of the interest in Northcote Energy Ltd’s working assets. The merger advanced the companies by increasing the Gulf Coast Western’s professionalism and capital to accelerate the exploration efforts in Louisiana.

This helped the oil and gas venture to outstretch and reach southwestern Louisiana by buying Orbit Energy Partners’ assets in Lafayette. The company gained the rational property in a transaction that included 3D seismic data found in the state. By partnering with Orbit Energy Partners, the oil firm got 13 wells with reserves of approximately 390M barrels and 140 drilling sites, and also an extra 30M barrels.

The Orbit deal triggered a collaboration with Warhorse that managed the oil wells found in the fields. The firm controlled other produces found in places like Endeavor NG, LLOX, Union Gas, Neumin Production, and Zachry Exploration. These ventures run wells in the fields around Cameron, Acadia, Calcasieu, Evangeline, Allen, Beauregard among other regions in Louisiana.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger’s leadership tenure saw the company establish energy independence in the country and even quantify profitability and protection for the partners. Fleeger joined the Cox Faculty of Business in the Methodist University, wherein in 1986, he graduated. He instantly explored the family venture. However. Matthew established and managed a company called MedSolutions to prove his capacity.

MedSolutions rendered waste management services for the medical sector. 13 years after founding the company, he sold the interests, thereby showing that his skills were not restricted to gas and oil. Matthew also partnered in establishing Palm Beach Tan as well as Mystic Tan whose total yearly revenues were approximately $100 million.