Andrew Brooks Looks To Transform New York Energy With Sinclair’s New Collections Release

Sinclair Global is coming out with their biggest collection yet. Sinclair is preparing to release the “Clair Bear” and “Gala” after several sold-out releases in the past. The goal is to deliver new energy to New York and expand it globally. All of this can be done with the work from Andrew Brooks Sinclair , former hedge fund trader and founder of the company, VIANEL. Andrew Brooks created VIANEL for people to have a more luxurious options when it comes to their accessories. Some of the biggest collections include the most stylist wallets and card holders on the market. Along with his company, Andrew Brooks is looking bring back the unisex collections of Sinclair to embody the environment and connection New York brings to their people. New York is a huge opportunity for these new “Clair Bear” and “Gala” collections to be released.

These collections will not only allow people to be more stylish and support the brand, but also be part of a movement that brings back a positive energy to the communities around New York. Sinclair Global will be unveiled using tactics by Andrew Brooks including using New York’s most vibrant influencers illustrating a more diverse and creative culture. Brooks feels having influencers people love and follow will allow the brand to be exposed the way he envisions. They will give people a sense of confidence to be who they are meant to be. The collections will have everything from hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants. Each piece of apparel with have accessories such as teddy bears, reusable masks, ashtray, and lighters that will round out the latest offerings from Sinclair Global.

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