Andrew Lazarus and the Purchase Strategy of The Beaches

Andrew Lazarus has chosen to employ a different strategy following his purchase of The Beaches.

He wishes to take time and understand the operations of the hotel.

The observation period will allow Lazarus to identify the best use method in the newly bought hotel.

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Andrew Lazarus promises the people in the area that they will get the best out of the hotel, including the coastal views.

The beaches offer various for their clients, and Lazarus intends to maintain the same upgrading where necessary.

Lazarus chose to take this strategy after the outcome he received from a hotel owned in Sydney.

Lazarus did a rebrand of the hotel before learning how the markets operated, which cost him later after learning the market operations.

With The Beaches being a great attraction and pride of the locals, Lazarus wants to ensure that the hotel has been rebranded to attract the people continuously.

Clients’ availability makes it easy for The Beaches operations to continue after the pandemic reopening.

Lazarus has taken it upon himself to ensure that the people will enjoy the visits and any other social gathering at The Beaches.

Lazarus has set a budget of about three million for renovating The Beaches.

After enough observation on the best way to renovate, Lazarus will ensure that as the hotel revamp is done, there will be no interference to how the people have been viewing it all along.

Besides the cash budget, Lazarus also intends to take one year to observe how best to take over The Beaches.

The one-year period will entail data collection and observation of what the clients want so that The Beaches can be worked on in line with their needs.

Lazarus expects that this kind of investment will pay back in the best way possible.

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