Article Recap of Education Comments From Former SEC and Online Trading Academy Chief Economist

The article’s title alludes to comments from Financial Expert Dr. Jeffrey Harris, stating that all education in retail trading is “not equal.” It then introduces an April 2021 series of government hearings in the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services. Much was mentioned on educational importance for investors and retail traders.

The article again reiterates in its body the inequality of such education. It implies much stress to this claim, prompting necessity for the Online Trading Academy (OTA) to seek a third party opinion. Jeffrey Harris is then mentioned in the article and his occupational credentials are introduced in more detail. It then stated Harris’ familiarity and working with OTA materials, trading platform (“CliK”), and classes.

He then claims, through his relationship with the OTA and American University, to express commitment and desire to provide legitimate financial education to a broader base of students. Harris also states his approval with the OTA’s learning techniques and curriculum, aiming to also instill confidence in account trading.

The article then explains the inequality in this form of education. It claims some to be theoretical, others informational, but not all of either form to be experiential. The importance of this type of learning is implied in this article. It states that guidance and practical application in these fields allows for a better type of education and competency.

Harris then explains the usefulness of CliK in focusing on individual trading plans, being user-centric, following steps to properly navigate risk management, and applying OTA rules. He also mentions the platform’s simplicity, features, and better enabling of imperative focal points. Risk management is one of such areas of focus.

Information about the OTA is then listed at the end of the article.

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