Caribou: A Leading Company In The Provision Of Quality Freight Services

Caribou Caribou was founded following the merger between different packet, parcel and mail specialist firms. Over the years, the company has taken different approaches in ensuring the transformation of international and domestic parcel delivery services. The firm also prides itself on offering quality customer services in the areas it serves.

Part of the things that drives Caribou’s success is that they have created a great work environment, and this has made employees feel like the company appreciates them. The company also has a great working relationship between department managers, customer service representatives and warehouse staff. Additionally, the company also ensures that everything that they plan to achieve is designed to make their employees and client’s lives better. Through their efforts to improve their client experience, like listening to their concerns, they have managed to stay ahead of the competition.

Among the services that clients should expect when they partner with Caribou is faster parcel delivery. The company’s flexible parcel delivery network is integrated with renowned seller platforms and is designed to ensure quick and efficient delivery of services. Therefore, customers should be sure that their parcels can be delivered to different parts of Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, technology drives most of the company’s operations, and clients should expect to benefit from a tracked end-to-end service. Whether they’re traveling by sea, road or air, their delivery needs can be handled in a fast and cost-effective way. Regardless of the country a customer wishes to deliver their products, they can trust Caribou to cater to their global delivery needs.


Given the company’s same day pick up services, clearing agents at different UL airports and a team of global agents, clients should be sure that their global air freight needs can be conveniently handled. The company’s staff are also trained on effective ways to handle hazardous freight better. Clients within the United Kingdom whore in need of storage needs can benefit significantly from the 40,000 square feet of warehousing that can cater for their storage needs. The warehouses are well secured as they are fitted with CCTV cameras.